As I said on the home page, Vianna is threatened by my exposing the dark side of ThetaHealing, and she has done everything to silence me. She does not want you to have access to the truth of the harm ThetaHealing can do. She also doesn’t want you to know about the corruption in the Stibal family and the lies that founded and continue to sustain ThetaHealing.


So I should address at least some of the false allegations that Vianna makes on her website about me so that you are not confused if you encounter what she posted in order to try to do damage control.


First, I am not mentally unstable, as she alleges with no basis, which anyone who knows me can confirm. I think that if you read my entire website, you will see that there is overwhelming evidence of Vianna Stibal, Guy Stibal, and their version of ThetaHealing being based on lies, plagiarized material, ineffective and even harmful techniques, etc.


For example, there is now overwhelming concrete evidence that not only did Vianna not cure her cancer with non-Theta means but, shockingly, she never had cancer in the first place. Instead, she created false publicity about this in order to promote the ineffective, plagiarized hodgepodge that is ThetaHealing. I wonder whether she knew from the beginning that it didn’t work but hoped that it would give her riches and fame; I hope that this is not the case.


As for Vianna’s claim that I am physically unstable, this is true. Not only are both my breasts but also now my lungs, liver, and bones are wracked with cancer. As I reveal elsewhere on this site, I refused initially to even consider that Vianna and Guy could possibly have anything to do with this. But after I consulted psychics—who now number more than a dozen and who knew nothing about me or the Sibals before their consultation with me—and all of them told them that a “healer” couple in Idaho were trying to kill me via an implant in my left breast (and later also via implants in other parts of my body) from Creator, I had no choice but to accept the overwhelming evidence. They told me specifically that Guy Stibal, a shaman, daily sent black energy into my body via the left breast, filling my whole chest with harmful energy. This was why it is was so difficult to definitely clear this energy: as soon as we cleared it, he would attack me again, finding a new way to disguise was he was doing.


Finally in January 2010 (by which time my cancer—which all my doctors say that is the most aggressive breast cancer they have ever seen—had metastasized all over the place) I found a clever and powerful shaman called Joseph White Wolf who could help me permanently. He said that Guy worked with coyote (trickster) energy so can disguise what he does. The breakthrough occurred when Joseph looked very carefully until he discovered a beehive-structure that Guy had installed in me. It looked beneficial at first perusal, which is why my healers before missed it. But it turns that buried in it was a festering curse that was feeding my sickness. After this was carefully and incrementally removed, my shaman changed my “spiritual address” so that Guy could no longer attack me.


I definitely feel better since then spiritually. But it is not clear if my cancer—which has snowballed into an uncontrolled state—will be able to stop in time. I have now a wonderful doctor who is doing some very strong chemotherapy in the hope of halting and even reversing the literally pounds of cancer in my body, and I am doing all I can do for my part, what the outcome is uncertain. Whatever happens, I am at peace and am not afraid about my future. I know that death is merely a transition to a different state of life.


Vianna alleges that the email correspondence winter 2008/2009 between me and Guy, culminating with her own letter is incomplete. However, I include every word from every email they sent me and from every email I sent to them during that time. Because the emails from their side are so unloving, even cruel, and damaging to their personal personas, they have grasped straws to discredit them in some way. Their emails further contain multiple inaccuracies, distortions, and vicious allegations that they have to twist in order to trying to do damage control.


For example, look at my friendly and respectful letter that started the whole correspondence. I was in the process of developing classes—some which I had tested on students, who gotten great benefit from them. This was after each student had taken all of my ThetaHealing classes (I was certified in all the official ThetaHealing classes existing at this time, with the exception of one, Intuitive Anatomy, which I had taken but was not certified to teach). I taught the ThetaHealing classes exactly as Vianna instructed us in her instructional classes. I assumed at the time when I wrote this letter that these new classes were in fact extensions of ThetaHealing, though later I realized that they were based on very different principles—principles that I’d mistakenly thought came to me from Creator but really came to me from the life source that all of us share. As I further developed these classes early in 2009, they eventually became Lifonics, which you can easily see is totally different from ThetaHealing if you purchase my DVD courses or take the teleseminars.


I offered all of these classes to the Stibals free so that they could see if they would like to use them. When they objected that I must have ripped off their material, I continued to offer them the courses so that they could confirm that the courses were not plagiarizing ThetaHealing as the Stibals repeatedly purported. But they refused to look at any of the materials, preferring to slander me and Lifonics with no idea of what the courses and writings they objected to were.


At the time I wrote the letter, I thought that these classes could be used as useful extensions of ThetaHealing, IF THE STIBALS WANTED TO DO SO. The reason why I sent my letter to them (instead of just creating new classes behind their backs, as so many ThetaHealing instructors have done once they discover that ThetaHealing does not work the way it claims to) was because it was not only respectful of them but it also fulfilled my contracts with them that I should notify them with any possible new material and have it approved.


That is also why summer 2007 I gave the Stibals my not-yet submitted proposal for a book on ThetaHealing for their perusal. After delays, Vianna finally sat down with me in person for a meeting. She told me what she liked and didn’t like in the proposal, and I re-wrote it as she wished. After that, I tried to submit the revised version to her and to ask that she help oversee the writing the book so that she could approve all that would be there. But she was too busy to ever reply. Therefore, I abandoned writing the book.


The reason why I developed the book proposal and the new classes was to promote ThetaHealing. At that time I was brainwashed completely about this cult and thought I was doing a service to the world by promoting it. Any visibility or publicity for the classes or the book was motivated from the good I believed would come from bringing ThetaHealing to the masses. I was never motivated by riches, fame, etc.—things that I have never had any interest in. But since Vianna herself is motivated by these things, it is understandable that she would project them on me and others. She even assumed that my successful career as an actress (I did tons of plays and then I was in 8 movies in 6 months) was thus motivated. But I have always loved acting because of what that wonderful, complex, challenging craft is and how I feel so alive when I act, not because of anything beyond that.


Vianna alleges that she had received complaints about me before she received my letter, but neither she nor her staff had ever shared such things to me, even though I phoned her daughter, Brandy, frequently to order supplies. Brandy also communicated with me several times to let me know that she was referring students to me. When these students came to my classes in California—though some of them lived in the East Coast—I asked why they didn’t take their training near where they lived. They replied that the staff in Idaho praised my classes so much that they were convinced that there was more benefit from studying with me. Moreover, all of my ThetaHealing students said that they loved my classes and told me that the feedback that they submitted about the classes in the Idaho office was positive. So I am confused about who made complaints about my teaching. Vianna refused to provide any specifics with her allegation.


Vianna says that now she has temporarily dropped her lawsuit because of my health, but this is far from the truth. The judge requested an affidavit from my doctor confirming the seriousness of my health condition and that it would prevent me from my standing trial in Idaho. If I were not able to attend trial in Idaho, then the judge would order that the trial take place in California. This would mean that Vianna would have to start all over to file suit in the California—at great expense because she would have to actually go to California for depositions, the trial, etc. and would have to hire at least one lawyer in California, would have to start over the voluminous paperwork, etc. I understand that her business is in financial crisis because of loans and uncontrollable spending, so she probably does not have the money to re-file in California, at least until she can find enough of the huge funds it would take to do so.


Moreover, she must realize that her case against me, which is based on defending a federal trademark that she does not have, is weak. Also, since she has received at least 3 complaints from the Federal Trademark Board that she must resolve in order to have a chance to get this trademark (actually two trademarks: ThetaHealing and Theta Healing), it is only in her advantage to drop her suit against me since the Federal Trademark Board said that they would not even begin the process of their hearing my complaint until her suit against me was resolved. That means, they say, that they have frozen the process of her getting these trademarks until her suit against me is gone. This is all public record, and you can confirm it by going to the federal website for patents and trademarks, where all the documents filed are public viewing.


So Vianna’s magnanimous decision to drop the case filed against me has no teeth. It is simply a vain effort to make herself look good in a situation where she has no choice but to drop her suit and, in fact, has huge benefits by doing so. By the way, though her suit against me is ostensibly about violation of her nonexistent federal trademarks (you can see the suit itself and my replies and their reply at www.id.uscourts.gov; it is all public record), her lawyer told me during our first phone conversation that he could make the whole suit go away if I would give the Stibals this website. He said the Stibals hated it that this website—the number 2 for ThetaHealing in the world in Google ratings at that time—was talking about things about ThetaHealing they did not want customers to be exposed to and was cutting down their ThetaHealing business (though Vianna sent an email to thousands of ThetaHealer that my opposition to ThetaHealing actually had increased her business). Vianna and Guy didn’t want my free speech exercised in such a visible and popular website, a site that they wanted to wrest from me to use for their own purposes. When I refused because I believe that you have the right to know the truth, things got very ugly (i.e., lawsuit and harassment) from the Stibals’ side.