What ThetaHealing Did for Me

At first the practice of ThetaHealing seemed to have positive effects on my relationships, my career as a writer and actor, and my beliefs and feelings within myself. I do think that my and others' ThetaHealing work on myself produced tangible emotional and mental benefits, but it was at the price of a drain on my energy.

During the two years I was practicing ThetaHealing nearly full-time, the following occurred:


  • My hair went from no gray to about half gray.
  • I gained 25 pounds while actually eating less and exercising more than before.
  • I experienced rapid disc degeneration in my lower back, making it hard sometimes to even lift my leg enough to put on my pants and socks.
  • I felt progressively more fatigued and could not work at the pace I used to (though I still worked at a much faster pace than most people).
  • My fibroid tumors ballooned out extraordinarily rapidly—from being barely detectable on an ultrasound to being together the size of a small baby when they were removed August 2008.
  • My psoriasis failed to improve and in some ways got worse, despite extensive ThetaHealing on it.
  • I had increasing constipation.
  • I experienced more sickness than I ever had in my life previously. (I had never been before a person to get colds, flus, upset stomach, etc.)
  • I developed full-blown breast cancer the size of a cantaloupe in my left breast and lymph nodes literally over night. All doctors I consulted with said this is medically impossible. It should have taken 5-10 years to grow to that size. (A thorough gynecological exam just a few months before found my breasts to be totally normal.) I consulted with 4 psychics without telling them anything about me. They all said it was manifested in me by a healer couple in Idaho who wanted me dead. By the way, the left breast is the one where my husband Dean and numerous others saw the Creator attachment coming into me.


Is this coincidence? Just “normal” symptoms of aging? Perhaps, though connecting with Creator depletes minerals and energy in general, and rapid graying is a symptom of mineral deficiency as is disc degeneration. Many people have reported and even Vianna has said that doing ThetaHealing tends to cause weight gain.


As far as fatigue goes, my understanding is that Vianna spends a lot of time in bed and often gets up just to teach her courses. I have been told that she has a big bag of pharmaceuticals she carries around to help her (why not do ThetaHealing on herself instead if it really works?)


Fibroids are a symptom of hormone imbalance and liver weakness (it can’t break down the monthly hormone spike). Psoriasis is primarily a fungal problem. Constipation related to nervous system imbalance, and sickness in general is brought on in conjunction with a compromised immune system. Cancer is also related to a compromised immune system and to emotional stress/negativity coming one's way. All of these are related to the body’s internal terrain being out of balance—something exacerbated by energy being drained from the body.


Since I have quit practicing ThetaHealing and am doing Lifonics (the healing work I developed):


  • My hair seems less gray.
  • I am losing weight effortlessly without changing my diet or my exercise patterns, though I definitely am eating less food because my appetite is less.
  • My back feels better. I can lift my legs up without discomfort to dress.
  • I’m gaining more energy.
  • (My fibroids have been surgically removed, so nothing to report on them.)
  • My psoriasis has almost gone away.
  • I am having regular large bowel movements.
  • I have fully removed the Creator attachment and all other attachments Vianna and Guy Stibal had placed in me and am on an extensive natural program to dis-create the cancer.
  • After an initial really nasty illness (it felt like swine flu) while I was pulling away from Creator—and after having the Creator entity removed from within and around my energy field—I am feeling an increasing sense of ongoing well-being and wellness in my body despite the cancer.


Is this coincidence? I don’t think so. I felt a deep though subtle shift in my being when the Creator entity was removed. It was as if an important part of me that had been gone the whole time I did ThetaHealing had returned. Part of this was a true independence and discernment coming back in. Another part was a feeling of more energy within, probably because my energy was no longer being drained by Creator.