Dear Trisha,

I have received an email from you this morning about Lifonics and have been reading it with interest.  It would seem that you have taken ThetaHealing and renamed it.  I understand that ThetaHealing develops in its own way for everyone who works with it.  We find ways to improve on the Basic tools and the speed and depth to which it works increases as time goes on.  Many new experiences, insights and intriguing ways to work with Source come flooding through; this is the beauty of being 'connected'.  


What I don't understand is why you are separating yourself from that Oneness and competing in a way that appears to show, that you have taking what you have learned from Vianna and remodeled it without even a mention of who or what inspired you.

It looks and feels to me like plagiarism and I'm wondering how you justify this.

With Intrigue
A Reader


Hi Reader,

There are some elements in Lifonics--such as the potential power of belief and feeling work--that I learned when I was a ThetaHealer: elements that exist also in Psych, EFT, etc. and which Vianna actually took from her years as a Religious Scientist and did not credit them with. She also took many elements from shamanism, common ways of psychically working with people. etc. that have no uniqueness in the way they are presented in ThetaHealing. ThetaHealing is essentially a mish-mash of other techniques, with the addition of “Creator,” a dark entity that Vianna claims is God or the All but which hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of people have experienced as otherwise.

Elements, such as belief work, that Lifonics also utilizes I fully credit Vianna and others with in my manuals, which you have not seen. Also, if you look at you will see that I also credit ThetaHealing on my Lifonics website for the useful elements—really just the belief and feeling work—that I learned there.


Actually, Evolutionary Technique has been a much bigger influence on me than ThetaHealing. I credit it too and, unlike Vianna, Evolutionary Technique founder Soleira Green invites all of her students to utilize principles that she has developed in their own classes--principles that are so powerful compared to ThetaHealing that everyone who takes her training goes 2-3 paradigms beyond the rather outdated paradigm ThetaHealing is based on.

If you took Lifonics courses, you would see that they too are based on a whole new paradigm way more advanced than what ThetaHealing is doing and that most of the Lifonics processes have little or nothing to do with anything in ThetaHealing. Even belief and feeling work is done in an entirely different way in Lifonics (more based on Radionics) than in ThetaHealing.


In Lifonics there is no "Creator," which is a very dangerous entity to work with. In Lifonics it not a matter of connecting with something outside of yourself, as in ThetaHealing, but of viscerally stepping into your massive mega being, actually becoming yourself the All, and working from there.

This is another place where Lifonics differs from ThetaHealing. In Lifonics we don’t just give lip service to oneness; we actually work from the visceral feeling and realization that we are all unique expressions of One Being. The LifeForce energy that makes me alive is virtually identical to your LifeForce energy. And in Lifonics, we really feel our oneness—especially when we are in our true massive mega being—and we evolve new ways of living, playing, and working in the world from there. In contrast, ThetaHealing talks about oneness, but its whole organization is around an implicit belief in separateness: Creator is a separate energy practitioners must connect with, there are separate Planes of Existence, other people are relatively small separate entities from us with “problems” to be solved, etc.

One of the most important elements of Lifonics (which is wholly absent in ThetaHealing) is the practice of looking at the massive mega being of the client and seeing what they are truly up to in the world, what their life purpose and gifts are, and how they can best manifest these in their lives. I call this looking at a person’s magnificence. It is dazzling both for the practitioner and the client and can, by itself, totally transform the client’s life forever, changing hundreds of beliefs and feelings automatically.


Another huge difference is that instead of ThetaHealing’s focus on “problems” that need to be changed and what is “wrong” with the client, Lifonics looks at what the higher potential of each challenge is and what is really right with the client. This includes showing the client concretely how each challenge is a perfect opportunity for them to go to the next level of growth in their lives and showing them how to use it as such. When the higher potential is revealed and the client steps into that energy, “problems” disappear. And this happens in a painless, pleasant (even ecstatic), and uplifting way.


I hope this gives you a rudimentary understanding of some of the major differences between ThetaHealing and Basic Lifonics! If you read carefully the descriptions of the 14 Lifonics classes, you will see that they actually have very little in common with ThetaHealing.

When the information (that later changed and became Lifonics) first started coming to me, I thought it could be incorporated into ThetaHealing. I offered it as such to Vianna who (via her husband Guy)—without seeing any of my materials—immediately threatened to sue me if I didn't: destroy the courses I was developing, take mention of them off my website, promise to never teach such courses again, and apologize to Vianna for ever having dreamed of such courses.


As this shocking correspondence between the Stibals and me played out, it was an eye-opening experience to find out how Vianna and her husband Guy don't live at all according to the principles of ThetaHealing. For them, life is about competition, separation, hierarchy, and insulting, disparaging, and beating down anyone who will not tow the line with them. I am now in contact with many former ThetaHealers who have been traumatized by Guy and Vianna's brutal treatment of them over the years.

I also, along the way, found out about many of the lies Vianna tells her students (for example, she did NOT have an instant healing from her cancer, as she claims), her many plagiarisms (Religious Science, medical texts in her incredibly inaccurate and even dangerous Intuitive Anatomy course, etc.), and her many legal misrepresentations (she has no registered trademark on ThetaHealing, she has no copyright on any of the ideas she uses--only the way she states them in her manuals--and the contract she forces teachers to sign is illegal in multiple ways). I already knew about many of the inaccuracies in her work, but the above was quite disheartening.


And it was not fun finding out how many ThetaHealers have some version of the belief, "Vianna must be obeyed," which she implants subliminally in susceptible people—teachers and practitioners—who take her courses (which the teachers then pass on to others). Vianna, according to some who know her, has had a guru complex for many years and cannot let go of that adoration so that she can actually truly empower and free people. Whereas I believe that healing and coaching work should make people freer, more empowered in all ways, and able to be independent.


I think that the mind control in ThetaHealing is shameful. When I had the Creator entity attachment removed from me, I felt a subtle part of myself return which had been absent without my realizing it during the whole time I was a ThetaHealer. My wish for all ThetaHealers is that they may wake up and recover this valuable part of themselves that has been lost.

Because of my insistence on truth, on freedom, and on expanding healing in the world, and because of my "disrespect" toward Vianna (because I think and act independently) and Guy's assertion that my new classes give me an "unfair advantage" over others, Vianna suspended my 4 teaching certificates (which makes no practical difference to me since I wasn't teaching ThetaHealing classes anymore anyway). In case you are interested in the correspondence between us, I am attaching it here. It will soon be on my ThetaHealing website too for all to see. Despite Vianna and Guy's ill treatment of me, I sincerely wish them very well. I think there are a positive elements in ThetaHealing, which I continue to mention on my ThetaHealing website, though I don't do ThetaHealing anymore myself (Lifonics is so much more powerful).


I hope this helps you to understand the situation. I don't feel that I am in competition with anyone. I feel my oneness with all beings, and I believe in cooperating for the highest and best good of all. All people can heal themselves and facilitate healing for others, and they can do so through a variety of different modalities. That's why I am so open about healing modalities and promote so many different ones on my Healer Database ( so that everyone can get the help that is best for them. All healers—and all human beings—are my brothers and sisters.

Lots of love to you,