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Dear Reader,


The below correspondence is word for word what occurred between me and Guy & Vianna (the founder of ThetaHealing) Stibal from November 2008 through February 2009.


It all started a few months before this correspondence began when loads of new healing information started pouring into my brain. At that time, the main healing modality I was practicing was ThetaHealing, so I assumed that the information I received fit into that modality. Some of the information did concern tips for taking people’s ThetaHealing to a new level, and this became Quantum Theta. I wrote a letter to Vianna and Guy, offering them a part in the classes if they so desired. (What I didn’t fully realize at the time was that most of the information I was bringing through wasn’t really ThetaHealing, though it could have been included as complimentary courses to ThetaHealing, if the Stibals had so desired.)


The principles of ThetaHealing include the conviction that separation is an illusion—that we are all one and as such should love, seek to understand, cooperate with and have compassion for one another—that we are not in competition with one another (that is scarcity mentality instead of abundance mentality), and that everyone has an equal connection to Creator and thus is empowered to bring in information that benefits all of humanity.


It was saddening to me to see that neither Guy nor Vianna were living according to these principles in their approach to the situation with me below.


The situation was that after I sent my letter, they immediately assumed that I was violating their trademark and copyright for ThetaHealing—even though Vianna had tried and had never been able to get a trademark for ThetaHealing and even though all concepts in ThetaHealing are based on principles in other previously existing healing disciplines (so only Vianna’s actual books and manuals are copyrighted in their exact wording). Neither Guy nor Vianna ever specified exactly how they believed I was violating their “intellectual property.” I was not even quoting any material from their books or manuals in mine (which, if I had, would have been okay as long as the quotes weren’t too extensive and as long as I stated what material I was quoting from).


When ThetaHealing practitioners go through their initial teacher training, an illegal contract is sprung on them at the end that basically states that the teacher cannot write anything about ThetaHealing without written permission from the Stibals, that s/he must teach exactly as s/he has been taught, and that s/he cannot add anything to any of the (common) concepts that appear in the ThetaHealing books and manuals.


Of course, an instructor teaching ThetaHealing classes should cover all the content in the respective ThetaHealing manuals (and should differentiate his/her opinions from Vianna’s when they differ), but the contract is an illegal draconian device that goes way beyond this. Many people in my teacher training felt rather traumatized by it at the time, but we were told that if we didn’t sign, we would not be given the certification we had already paid for and attended class for. So all of us signed.


Fortunately, a contract that forbids freedom of speech and breaks numerous state and federal laws, as the ThetaHealing contracts do, is neither legal nor binding. The ThetaHealing contracts’ main intent seems to be to limit the freedom of the practitioner and teacher to do their best possible healing and teaching work in the world. As this is contrary to the basic principles of ThetaHealing itself, I am presenting this exchange to you for three reasons:


  1. To let you know that if you are a ThetaHealer, you are actually free to heal in whatever way is best and to teach whatever material and in whatever way Creator/Source/The All directs you to. (Just honor the source and don’t call what you are teaching ThetaHealing if it is not.) Vianna and Guy are attempting to block people’s right to free speech and to strangle any ThetaHealer’s connection to Creator (specifically, the information a ThetaHealer gets from that) when it runs against their own personal desires, but you don’t have to let them bully and control you. You are free!

  2. To let you know that Vianna does not live the principles she preaches. This is important to convey because Vianna has a guru complex and has gotten many of her students to be her followers who, without questioning, take in as gospel everything she says. This is dangerous not only because her manuals are full of many factual errors but more importantly because people thereby give their own power and autonomy to Vianna—to their detriment. I’ve been astounded to discover that many ThetaHealers have some version of the following subconscious beliefs: “I should obey Vianna,” “Vianna must be obeyed,” “Vianna has the best connection to God/Creator,” etc. However, it is important to recognize that Vianna is a fallible human being just like everyone else. The material she has compiled to create ThetaHealing is therefore useful but not the immutable divine word. In contrast, I invite you to keep creating and furthering new healing in the world. The goal is help all of humanity, and Creator is bringing information through many individuals to do this, not just through Vianna.

  3. To make it clear that what is good about ThetaHealing is separate from anything Vianna does or decides. After an idea is formulated, it has a life and principles of its own that may be different from the life and principles of the person(s) who facilitated the idea’s initial birth. What is important is what an idea/healing modality says and how well it works. It is possible to see the good in ThetaHealing and to keep utilizing it, regardless of the way Vianna behaves.


May you be free to uplift yourself and to uplift humanity in any way that works!


Love, Trisha Howell


Dear Vianna and Guy:                                                        November 19, 2008


Greetings! I hope this letter finds you well! As you know, I’ve been a serious ThetaHealer since I started working with this wonderful modality and especially since I took teacher training with you summer of 2007. It’s been fabulous seeing the many positive changes in my clients and students lives! I’m proud to say that some of my students are planning to take teacher training with you next year. My successes reflect on your great work, Vianna! Thank you!


Do you remember my proposed book on ThetaHealing? I started the book 1½ years ago and stopped when Creator said that I wasn’t ready to write it yet. Now Creator has told me that it is time to write Reinvent Yourself With ThetaHealing. I expect it will be done sometime next year. I have a prominent agent who says he’ll be able to sell the book to a large publisher. Creator had already told me that the book will reach millions of people. Then one of the top psychics in the US foresaw me on big TV talk shows with it. This will bring thousands more people in to get ThetaHealing training, which will be great! I’m hoping that you will write the preface for it after reading the first draft. I will send it to you when it is ready.


Another topic: Since I am working with my students, clients, or myself most days, I’ve been pretty much living in Theta. Creator has downloaded information through me that beautifully complements your ThetaHealing curriculum and that ThetaHealers are finding very helpful. I now have 9(!) supplemental courses that Creator has been asking me to teach. These are courses designed only for experienced ThetaHealers. I’ve been trying them out on small groups and getting good results. People are experiencing positive changes that make them more excited about ThetaHealing as they understand more about its power to transform their lives.


I know that there are others who are teaching their own supplemental ThetaHealing classes. So what makes mine different? This—I want to pay you to help me market my classes and my book. I offer you a percentage of my gross profits, and all you have to do is endorse and promote the new courses and the book on your website (and, perhaps, promote them when you make presentations). In a way, I will be working for the two of you, so the more business I have, the more money you will make! Of course, if you are interested, then I will share all my materials with you before asking you for a commitment.


Since you’re very busy, I’m just including a short description of each course. I have longer descriptions and the manuals for them too, which, of course, you are welcome to review and keep. Please email me at or call me on my cell at 425-501-2398. I’m constantly traveling all over the US teaching and seeing clients, so my cell phone is always better than my home phone to reach me.


With lots of love,
Trisha Howell, MA
ThetaHealing Instructor
ThetaHealing Practitioner


Quantum Theta
This information-packed 1½-day class is an invaluable expansion of many techniques that students learn in Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing. It also teaches very useful new Theta-related skills.


Relationship Clearing & Optimizing
This 1-day class gives you all the tools you need to perform the most important processes that are not emphasized in standard ThetaHealing: Relationship Clearing & Optimizing.


Body Awareness

This 5-day (two-weekend) course is a companion to Vianna’s 15-day Intuitive Anatomy training. It offers a detailed discussion of how physical bodily systems/organs operate, how to see and strengthen them through feeling/belief work, and how to further support them thru a variety of health modalities.


Embracing Your Own Magnificence and Bringing Love & Friendship into Your Life
This course enables you to transform your inner self so that you viscerally see/feel the magnificent being that you are and then, from this place, to powerfully call to you soul mate friends and/or a romantic partner. You’ll live as the larger being you really are and attract others who share with you a life of great love, happiness, and fulfillment.


Finding Your Passion & Life Purpose and Jumpstarting Your Business & Career
This course enables you to get in touch with your passion, vision, and life purpose and then, from this place, to powerfully call to you both the overall career and the job (or the avocation) that best ignite and express these. You’ll turn your work life into a fun and fulfilling place of great creative flowering and ever expanding potential from which you positively transform the world.


Getting in Touch with Your Gifts & Talents and Creating Flow in Every Area of Your Life
This course enables you to get in touch with your greatest gifts and talents and then to receive all the resources you need to help these take root and flourish. You’ll also gather all the resources you need to do well at anything. Then you’ll learn how to enter a state of flow so that you can perform all activities with grace, ease, and joy.


True Wealth: Bringing Abundance and Prosperity into Your Life
This course enables you to root out the beliefs that are blocking your natural abundance and prosperity and learn how to recognize, embrace, and draw on all that the universe is offering you. You’ll eliminate beliefs that are blocking money from coming into your life and learn specific techniques that turn you into a magnet that attracts money at all times.


Getting in Touch with Your Body, Transcending Time, and Embracing Youth
This course enables you to really feel, love, and revitalize your body so that you create a newly empowered relationship to your own physicality. Then you’ll enter into a new empowered relationship with time in which you decide how to enter and move within the matrix of time, including changing your aging clock so that you stay as youthful as your choose.


Transforming Yourself and the World to Live In Happiness and to Achieve Enlightenment
This course enables you to live from a place of limitless possibility and freedom, bringing ever-expanding love and joy into your life and the lives of others. You’ll uncover the secrets to lasting happiness and learn all the tools to embrace happiness and joy as your natural state. You’ll learn to radiate happiness to all you meet and thereby effortlessly invite and inspire their energy to move to a higher level and their possibilities to expand. You’ll learn to live in full consciousness as the enlightened being you already are.


On Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 12:36 PM, <> wrote:

Dear Trisha
It has come to my attention from other ThetaHealing teachers and more recently from you in your letter that I must write you to tell you that you are in violation of your contract with us, not to mention copyright law. Read your contract with us. If you do not take it seriously, legal action will be taken against you. Your additional classes are not approved, and we do not appreciate teachers decorating with ThetaHealing Intellectual property: that is why we have the contracts in the first place.   As to others that are teaching extra classes, the criteria is not to create the classes and then expect approval from us. The correct process in any case would be to contact us first, not after they have been made. Cease and desist from this activity, and I will over look it this time, but I must admit my patience is wearing thin.

On another matter, why would you teach a healing process and then tell your students that you disagree with the founder of that modality on salient points?


As to the matter of your book, it is not allowed to use any of the copyrighted terms and processes of Thetahealing without permission in a book. This to is in your contract with us. I will expect a written apology from you pertaining to these matters addressed to Vianna, and I trust that I will not have to contact our attorney to seek damages in this matter. You have issues with integrity. I suggest you do some Belief Work on them.


Thank You have a great day.

Guy Stibal
Thetahealing Institute of Knowledge
1615 Curlew Dr. ammon Id 83444

On Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 7:58 PM, Guy Stibal <> wrote:
Post script. If I do not receive a written apology and retraction from you within a reasonable time frame, ( and this means to put an immediate stop to what you are doing) I will take this as an indication that you are ignoring me, and that will indeed be cause for a lawsuit, one that I am sure to win. Your email has already implicated you, not to mention the past material you where attempting to publish, that I have in my possession. If it as you say that others are doing as you are then I obviously need to find out who. The extra class material is one thing, but I have heard that you have disrespected my wife, and in that my dear you have crossed the line.  
Guy Stibal

On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 5:17 PM, Guy Stibal <> wrote:
I'm not hearing any thing. I have all of your extra classes, so I have ample evidence. Do you really want to go down this road?

December 11, 2008
We will get back to you after the holidays. Thanks for your patience!


December 11, 2008
If you could email me the Basic and Advanced contract files so I can read them that would be helpful as I've misplaced my contracts.
Thank you very much!

December 12, 2008
I am retaining an attorney, and will be beginning a lawsuit. Your disrespect is obvious and I no longer have any more patience. I will mail you the contracts, but rest assured I have yours that you signed.

December 12, 2008
Check with Creator before you make this terrible mistake.
Love always to you and Vianna,

December 13, 2008
Do I finally have your attention? I will permit you to read and review your contract with us before I proceed with our attorney. We like you as a teacher and hope to avoid legal issues. However, a swift removal of these classes from your website will be a signal to all other teachers in theta and to us that honor your agreements, and this was a mistake.

December 13, 2008
I'll await the contracts and get back to you after I've reviewed them.

January 5, 2009:
It is now after the holidays. What is your response now that you have reviewed your contracts?

January 5, 2009:
Dear Guy,

I'm about to leave for London so must keep this brief. My lawyer is looking over the contracts and will get back to me by the time I get back later this month.

But I do want to say this to you: Creator is the one who brought these new classes into the world and asked that I teach them. The classes themselves expand people's understanding of, love for, and facility with ThetaHealing. It would be against the principles ThetaHealing stands for to censor, suppress, or otherwise stop the classes from happening.

I've checked again with Creator, and I've been told that it is very important that these new classes be taught and that my book be published. Also, it is to your benefit that the classes and the book happen. Many people's facility with ThetaHealing will be improved, and many more thousands of people will be introduced to ThetaHealing for the first time. Do you really want to prevent this from happening?

Preventing the natural expansion of ThetaHealing that Creator wants to happen would be harming ThetaHealing rather than helping it. You, Vianna, and I are all working toward the same goal: to uplift the world through ThetaHealing. We should all be cooperating in this endeavor, not disputing. This is a time to put ego aside and to do what is best for humanity. That is what I'm doing, and I invite you to join me in doing so as well.

Please think about this and get back to me when you have time.

Love always to you and Vianna,

January 6, 2009:
If you are handing this matter over to an attorney then this tells me that you are not going to comply to the very agreement you signed. I am handing over this matter to my lawyer for prosecution. I am not interested in your rhetorical song and dance about what you are inventing about what you say the Creator is telling you. You are creating new classes to better your position as a teacher, which is an unfair advantage to other honest ThetaHealing Teachers. You made a agreement with us not to do the very things that you are doing. Is this agreement any less sacred to you, or is your word worth nothing? Perhaps you should ask the Creator if breaking agreements is permissible, as is using another persons intellectual property as you please. Would the Creator tell you to be dishonest? I think not. You are breaking the law, and I have no problem using you as a example for other ego driven individuals that do not know the difference between right and wrong. There is no ego in any of my statements, you came to us to be a teacher to follow the guidelines of the contracts. You do not make policy in ThetaHealing, nor will the rules be bent or changed for you. You are in violation of your contacts with us and no amount of persuasion will change this fact. Are you telling me that our contract and agreements are not valid and you are above the law of the land? I am saddened by this matter and I can see that no amount of persuasion will be sufficient to dissuade you from the course you are taking us which will end in a court of law.

P.S There is no dispute between us. If there where a dispute, I would be at least partly in the wrong, which I am not. Unless I have a full retraction of your activities within the next week I am done. I have been more than patent with you.
Guy Stibal

January 6, 2009
Dear Guy,

Please check in with Creator and get Creator's truth. You are seeing me from a perspective that has little to do with what is actually happening. You are misunderstanding my intentions and my goals. You are not coming from a place of love.

If you look at my website, you will see that I have clearly separated the ThetaHealing classes I teach (which are taught according to Vianna's guidelines) from the new classes, which are declared to NOT be ThetaHealing. If you look at my website, you will also see that I am no longer writing a book about ThetaHealing (though I will certainly mention and praise ThetaHealing in the book).

The reason I hired an attorney to look over the contracts is because I was strongly advised to do so. It is not because I want to solve this through the court system. I think our going to court would say something very bad about ThetaHealing: that we as ThetaHealers cannot come from the very higher place we tell people to connect with to solve our issues with one another.

Do take a close look at what your motivations truly are before you do this thing that will disgrace ThetaHealing. Also, please share all of our correspondence with Vianna.

Love, Trisha


January 6, 2009:
I would have thought that person that went to college as you have done (and a author no less) would understand a little about contract trademark and copyright contract and intellectual property law. You are obviously not going to stop, so here goes! You have broken your contract with us and unless you cease and desist will be court ordered to appear in Idaho for the possible violation of copyright and trademark violations, which once proved can be not civil suits, but can be federal offences. Your disrespect and disregard for us and the other teachers of theta is obvious. Do you really want to face these kinds of actions? Later on this month will be to late for any retractions. I am giving you every opportunity to retract and apologize for your aberrant behavior towards all of ThetaHealing. Thank you, Trisha.  Guy

January 7, 2009:
I am about to get on a plane and can't type much from this phone. Please reread my messages to you. If you think I have violated any law, you have misunderstood what I am actually doing. I will see if I can get Internet access in England and if so write more to you. Otherwise I will write you as soon as I get back in the US later this month to explain what is actually going on since you don't seem to understand at all.


Love, Trisha

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January 7, 2009:

All of the classes that you are advertizing are clearly derived from ThetaHealing material, as you have stated in your past emails, and from the literature that I have gathered. To me truth and love are the same thing, and I am lovingly keeping you in truth. If I have to use the legal system to lovingly keep you in truth, so be it! Were you in truth when you where disrespectful towards Vianna in front of your students? Where you in love when you broke your contracts with us? Is this how you show love to the people that you are certified to teach from, with utter disregard and disrespect? Is this “love” to you, or are you so incredibly obtuse that you do not see how you have hurt the very people that gave you permission to teach under a criteria that is spelled out in the contract? What makes you qualified to create new classes in ThetaHealing? You have only been involved in ThetaHealing for one and a half years. You have only taken the first two teachers courses, and I do not think that you have had the benefit of further classes that might qualify you to do so With Written Permission! The only person that is disgracing ThetaHealing is you, Trisha as you are breaking the rules that hundreds of teachers follow without breaking them. In fact, who do you think alerted me to your discretions? These classes that you have give you an Unfair advantage, and if I permitted everyone to do as you are doing, there would be no ThetaHealing, only a mishmash of concepts that are not original. You agreed to this when you signed the contract, and the intellectual property of ThetaHealing is not for you to do as you please! Oh, and stopping you from what you are doing is going to say something very Good about ThetaHealing, as it is with the consensuses of the majority of the teachers of ThetaHealing that I am stopping you from what you are doing. You are wrong for what you are doing, Trisha. Do you honestly think that I don’t let Vianna know about your activities and our correspondence? Trust me, you are better off dealing with me, because had it been completely up to Vianna, more drastic measures would have been taken long ago. Once again, I want a full removal of all extra classes from your website, and a written apology to Vianna, stating a retraction of these classes will never be taught again. There are some other things that are on your website that are even more disturbing, but this is a start.
With love and keeping you in truth, guy


January 23, 2009

Dear Guy,

I’m back from London. I had a really wonderful time over there teaching, and the students were ecstatic to learn so much. I also had the chance to visit one afternoon Rowland O’Conner’s IA class, which was a lot of fun. He’s doing an amazing job, especially considering it’s the first class he’s taught. You and Vianna would be proud of him!


The moment I plugged my computer in over there, my power cord fried, so I didn’t have internet during my trip. Now I’m in New York and using my husband’s computer. I probably don’t have enough time right now to answer all the issues you bring up because I need to prepare for teaching later today and all weekend, but I wanted to give some response to your last emails as soon as possible.


First of all, thank you very much for your last long email because it makes it much clearer where you are coming from. I know that the central issues for you are the contracts, the trademark, and the copyright—both their legal and moral status—and I promise to address that in detail in an email next week (once my teaching is over). I can’t do this right now in a way that does justice to what you’ve written.


What I do want to say now, though, is a big sincere THANK YOU! for this whole email exchange between us. I must admit it was quite traumatizing at first to receive your harsh emails, but I worked through that, knowing that everything happens in the highest and best for all concerned. When I looked to see what that higher potential might be—and I noticed the direction your emails had me go in—I realized that you have enabled me to clarify that what I originally thought were supplementary courses that could become even official ThetaHealing courses, had you so chosen, are really not.


At the time I sent you the initial letter in November, Creator had given me tons of concepts and exercises for all of the courses, but the only course manual that had actually been written down was Quantum Theta (which is over 230 pages). I knew that the other manuals (except for Body Awareness, which is vast and has now undergone a huge change in orientation and is called Body Consciousness) would be fast to put onto paper so I could do so quickly if you requested them. (And the three more that now exist in written form did take only a little over 1 day each to write down.)


But since you rejected them, I dug deeper into myself, fully embraced a whole new approach that I have been developing for awhile, and now the classes are manifesting very differently (and better) because of it. This is the direction I needed to go in, and you gave me the impetus to move into it much more quickly than I would have otherwise, and for this I am very grateful! If you had chosen to include my courses in ThetaHealing, I would have felt obliged to frame all the information I was getting within ThetaHealing concepts, and I realize now that this would have made it very difficult, if not impossible, to produce the content that I am now bringing through.

The Lifonics courses (which are all I’ve now announced except Quantum Theta) share with ThetaHealing only those concepts that have been from the beginning not unique to ThetaHealing, such as contacting a higher power (ThetaHealing speaks of connecting with Creator; Lifonics of stepping into the Totality/Full Consciousness/etc.), which has been done for thousands of years under the term ‘prayer,’ and doing belief and feeling changes, which was being done by a variety of techniques long before Vianna assembled the concepts that were together to become ThetaHealing. For example, Psych-K, developed in the mid-1980’s, has similar aims and processes around belief/feeling work. So, anyway, these and a number of other concepts ThetaHealing uses are not unique to nor therefore owned by ThetaHealing.


You ask what makes me qualified to create new classes, and you say that I’ve been teacher trained in only the first two ThetaHealing courses (I assume you mean Basic and Advanced) and that I haven’t had the benefit of other ThetaHealing courses. You also say that I have been doing ThetaHealing for only 1 ½ years. If you check your own records, you will see that I first trained in ThetaHealing 2 years ago and that I am certified to teach Basic, Advanced, Manifesting & Abundance, and Rainbow Children. Also, I have taken Intuitive Anatomy, though I am not teacher trained in it. These are all the fundamental ThetaHealing classes, except for the new ones that have been added recently.


But to answer your question, what makes me qualified to create new classes? If you had asked me that a couple of years ago, I probably would have said that the 20+ personal growth trainings I’ve taken in my life, my BA and MA in Philosophy, my MA’s in Humanities and Critical Film Studies, along with my many years of teaching in universities as well as extensive private tutoring in many subjects, and my many years of reflection and creation based on this as well as the over 20 books I’ve written (5 published so far) would be what qualifies me. Now, however, I would say that it is rather that Creator has given me all this information and asked that I teach it—and when I do teach it, all students get enormous benefit—which qualifies me to create new classes.


You imply that it was another teacher who alerted you to my “discretions” (I think you mean “indiscretions”), but there are only two teachers who have sat in on any of my classes and so they are the only ones who would have any idea what I am actually teaching. One is Danielle Hewitt, who sat in on the first Basic DNA I taught September 2007. She made some much-welcomed suggestions about presentation and approach, but there was nothing in my by-the-book content that she found any fault in. The other is Suzanne Peters, who last Fall sat in on some of my practice groups, which she seemed to like. But then when I sat in on one of her ThetaHealing-derived workshops (I don’t remember its name; I have the manual at home) and made some suggestions, she got upset (and more so later when we had a political disagreement). So perhaps she said something to you. Anyone else would not have any first-hand knowledge of my teaching.


By the way, there are many, many ThetaHealers who include ThetaHealing principles in courses they design and who benefit many students in the process. Guy, it is just not right for you to try to stamp out courses that are benefiting people! No one thinks those courses are official ThetaHealing courses and so they do not confuse the content with what Vianna says nor do they harm ThetaHealing in any way. Remember, once you birth an idea, it exists for all and in a sense independently of you (just like physical children are their own persons). Anyone can connect energetically with that idea and get more ideas from it as well as actually ask the idea in what direction it wants to move.


I assure you that ThetaHealing wants to move in a more open and expansive direction than you are allowing. After all, the principles it is based on include that everyone can connect with Creator and download incredible wisdom and healings, not just Vianna. And many teachers have told me that they frankly have felt terrorized both by the draconian contract that you have made us all sign and the way you have treated them afterwards when they have tried to spread their wings a bit. When you say that you take legal action against me “with the consensuses of the majority of the teachers of ThetaHealing,” have you really polled the 1,000+ teachers and seen what they think? If what is actually happening between us were presented in detail to everyone and with the sticky legal issues of the contracts clarified, I don’t think you would get the response from them you imagine.


Anyway, I have to go soon, and I want to ask you a couple of questions first.

You keep saying that the new classes give me an “unfair advantage” over other ThetaHealers. I don’t understand what you mean by this. Could you explain?


Also, you’ve claimed several times now that I have said things disrespecting Vianna in front of my students, but I don’t know what you mean because I can’t remember ever having done this. What are you referring to? If it is just that Vianna and I disagree on a few basic points, I assure you that I have never discussed this in a way that disrespects Vianna. It is just that when Vianna says things that are demonstrably untrue (for example, that you have to believe in God to do ThetaHealing and that when you connect with Creator and ask for the highest truth you completely transcend your own paradigm) and people ask me what my opinion is, I cannot lie to them. Still, though, I have never criticized Vianna in my responses; I’ve only explained what I have observed. (For example, when atheists take my classes, they perform ThetaHealing just as effectively as anyone else: they simply think of the creative energy of the universe instead of God when they connect with Creator. And when two highly experienced ThetaHealers go to Creator, ask for the highest truth and get incompatible answers, it is clear that they can’t be completely transcending their paradigms or they would get at least compatible information. Our very exchange in these emails proves that, as I assume that you and Vianna have checked with Creator on what is actually going on with our exchange, just as I have, and we’ve gotten radically different answers.)


Guy, there are legal issues going on here beyond what you seem to be aware of, but to me the main issues are ethical and spiritual, and I again say that your attempting to sue me would only lower you in the eyes of the majority of teachers and practitioners, so for the good of ThetaHealing, you should reconsider. Also, it would be a useless expenditure of a lot of money. And it is simply wrong to try to stamp out work that helps so many people in the name of having some kind of stranglehold over ThetaHealing. Finally, as I said, it would tell people that ThetaHealers—who claim to be solving their own and others’ problems and creating harmony by going to Creator—cannot solve their own differences without the lower-paradigm model of the legal system. (By the way, trademark, copyright, and contract issues are, as you say, federal, which means that an Idaho judge would not have jurisdiction. The closest federal circuit judges are, I believe, in Seattle and San Francisco. Most federal cases are handled mainly by briefs rather than by in-person hearings, but they still cost a tremendous amount of money to mount.)

I want to close by quoting something Vianna recently posted on one of the ThetaHealing yahoo groups. This is something for you, me, and Vianna to all apply to ourselves as we consider this unfortunate rift between us.



Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 11:27 AM
Subject: ThetaHealing Reminder from Vianna


This is a simple reminder from Vianna that ThetaHealing is about love and loving one another. Not about anger, hatred, and vindictiveness, but love.

ThetaHealing was created because of my own healing and to allow people to connect to the Creator. I teach classes because I was asked to. To help people and change lives. The belief work is amazing.

ThetaHealing has given healers a chance to do what they love and make a living helping people. ThetaHealing is a gift from God. It isn’t about Gossip. It’s about healing.
DNA 3 is all that we hoped and expected.

Happy Holidays


Love always to both you and Vianna,


January 27, 2009

When teachers decide to teach an established modality, they agree to follow the guidelines of that modality, without major deviation. You have not completed the most important classes and absorbed the in-depth information they contain, so what makes you so sure you know an in-depth study of ThetaHealing? I have watched this kind of thing before and you are following the same ridiculous arguments and behavior that past information raiders have done. The only thing that we ask is that you teach the work as it is given. Simply because you have studied in other modalities does not give you the rights to mix them together in a gobbledygook and teach it as THETA HEALLING. ThetaHealing teaches that we are all a part of the all that is. In reading your letters I can see that you do not understand ThetaHealing. In all the time we have taught we have only had this kind of problem with 12 people out of the more than 1600 we have certified. We have only asked that you keep the work pure, especially when the people that are coming to you expect to be taught the pure quill. We wish you luck in your endeavors with your own system. Just remember one thing, ThetaHealing is derived from real healings on real people, with real sicknesses. This is why we teach it the way we do. Your ego in search of fame denies us the one thing that we ask. Copying and plagiarizing other peoples works does not necessarily an author make. Most established modalities worth their salt require a contract to protect themselves from this situation. I can’t understand why you want to teach something that you never respected in the first place. Perhaps someday when you are a mother, you will understand all of this better and respect  the energy of all that is.  People come to a ThetaHealing classes to learn ThetaHealing, not trisha-healing. If you have not received it already, you will receive a termination of your teaching rights from our attorney. I trust that we will not be forced to take further measures in the future that pertain to copyright infringement. Perhaps this will allow you your own path . I do approve some classes submitted by other teachers when done  in proper ways. As for other teachers that complain about the contract they are free to leave. The contract is the only way to insure students  are trained the same way and teach the same thing.                          


This is not Guy, this is Vianna  and I have lost my patience.    I don’t play games, I don’t mind attorney expenses  and I will Protect  My theta instructors that respect this work.

Vianna Stibal Founder of ThetaHealing.


February 7, 2008

Dear Vianna,

After receiving your email, I thought it would be best to wait to reply until the letter you mentioned from your attorney arrived. It is here now, I have reviewed it, my attorney has reviewed it, and he is sending your attorney the reply he has written.


I will, however, talk about the trademark and copyright issues myself below, as I promised, as soon as I answer your latest letter. I must say, Vianna, that it greatly saddens me that this whole exchange shows that you and Guy are not living the principles of ThetaHealing. I was sad about Guy, but since he has a reputation with many people of being a hothead and not working much on himself, it was understandable. But when you, the founder of ThetaHealing, who should know better, do not live according to its principles, that is very sad indeed!


However, I still respect and love ThetaHealing very much. It exists in its own right as an idea separately from you and is not compromised by your behavior. You attempts to limit the flow of healing and of ideas in the world is shameful! I hope that you will take a long look at yourself and will put yourself more in alignment with the teaching you are giving to others.


Your letter above seems to have little or no relevance to me or to what I’ve been doing. I don’t know if you are intentionally trying to cloud the issue by attacking a straw man or if you simply don’t understand. In any case, I will try once again to explain:


No one has any problem with your request that ThetaHealing classes be taught as they are designed to be taught. I have always taught all of your classes with the utmost respect and accuracy. I cover every process in every class with depth and understanding (and I bend time as necessary to fit it all in). People come out of my classes as extremely competent ThetaHealers who immediately make huge positive changes in the lives of those they work on. They also come out completely loving and respecting ThetaHealing. If during class they ask me questions that address the minor disagreements you and I have (which are that you have to believe in God to be a ThetaHealer and that when you connect with Creator you totally transcend your own paradigm), I always answer with honesty but also with respect. No one has ever thought any less of you or any less of ThetaHealing because my experience has been a bit different from yours. If you check the yahoo group, you will find that most other ThetaHealing teachers tell their students who ask if they must believe in God some version of the same thing I do: That if the student is not comfortable thinking of Creator as God, they can simply think of Creator as Source/The Creative Energy of the Universe/Life-Force Energy, etc. It’s not a big deal.


What is a big deal is that there are instructors out there teaching ThetaHealing who are NOT covering all of the processes, who are shortening the classes too much, who are not providing accurate explanations, are not giving all the downloads, etc. And yet your office has not taken action. Last week a woman called me who took Advanced DNA from Nini Guerard last year. She said that Nini showed up 5 hours late to teach one day, the manuals she provided were doggeared and with pages missing, and she neither covered all of the processes nor all of the downloads. She then told her students to contact your office if they wanted completion certificates (instead of printing them from the file you gave us). All 12 people in the class were upset, and the woman who contacted me had felt actually traumatized by the class for months. Apparently Nini also opened cans of worms with people, exposing their most sensitive issues, and then did nothing to help resolve them.


Naturally, I told this woman to contact your office immediately. When she did, your staff told her that it couldn’t possibly be true because Nini is a good friend of yours. When the woman explained that all 12 people in the class had the same experience, your staff told her to go away and to never contact your office again. Vianna, this is clearly NOT the way to assure the best teaching of ThetaHealing!


Likewise, I have had numerous people call me complaining about classes they took with Ellen Cohen—the classes were less than 2 days long, they didn’t cover the material, Ellen was harsh and money-grabbing with students, she demonstrably lied to them, etc. I was shocked because I know Ellen and like her as a person. Nevertheless, I told these people they must contact your office to let you know so that something could be done. So far as I know, nothing has been done. I remember even during teacher training with you that a number of people brought up in class all the ways that Brent Phillips wasn’t following protocol and in fact was turning off huge numbers of people to ThetaHealing. And your response was an immediate denial and a tone of absolute unconcern about what everyone was reporting about him to you.


Vianna, if you are truly concerned about ThetaHealing being taught accurately in the world, you will follow up on the complaints submitted to you! Also, you will revise your teacher training: there were around 60 people in my first training, and I heard that there were around 100 in the summer 2008 training in Idaho. With this many students, there is no way you can assure that every person thoroughly understands all of the material and has all the skills they need to teach it! In my teacher trainings with you, you lectured most of the time, there were a couple of partner or small group exercises, and the way people demonstrated their competence at the end was to teach one process for about 5 minutes to 4-5 other students.


Vianna, this is not enough to assure that people have actually grasped the material and know how to teach it! It makes it look like you are more interested in collecting the huge amount of money such a large group brings in rather than assuring that each one of them will be a competent ThetaHealing instructor. Because I had already taught for many years and have always had a good study ethic, I was able to master all of the ThetaHealing material on my own and to teach it without any instruction in teaching per se, but please know that most of the people who come to you do not have this background, and they need a much more personal and hands-on training. If you did this, you wouldn’t have so many complaints about your teachers. I cannot tell you how many people have come to me who were totally turned off to ThetaHealing by some other ThetaHealer but who decided to give it one more try because they heard I was good. I have always succeeded in rekindling a love and respect for ThetaHealing in these clients and students, but think about how many hundreds and even thousands of other people who do not come to me are being turned off to ThetaHealing because of incompetent instructors! This is a really huge issue! Just having a long draconian contract is not what is needed to assure quality teaching; you must instead address the above issues!


You say I have not completed the most important classes for ThetaHealing, so I guess you are referring to the 3 new classes I have not taken (Diseases & Disorders, World Relations, and DNA 3) since I have completed the 5 classes that for many years were the foundation of and only classes you offered in ThetaHealing (Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Intuitive Anatomy, Rainbow Children, and Manifesting & Abundance). And, as you know, I am certified to teach 4 of these classes.


I have not sought certification to teach Intuitive Anatomy because I could not teach that class in good conscience: there are numerous anatomical, physiological, and treatment errors on nearly every page. My husband is a real naturopath (not a mail order one) who went to medical school for 4 years and knows his material very well, as I am coming to know also through him and through other medical texts. Actually, Vianna, it is not legal for you to call yourself a naturopath since you did not go to naturopathic medical school. But what is worse is the disinformation in Intuitive Anatomy (and in Diseases & Disorders, if it follows the book you recently published about this) that can actually harm people! If nothing else, please remove the directive to people to take a bath with chlorine added to supposedly detoxify them. This is extremely dangerous to people’s health! By the way, my husband recognized pages in the Intuitive Anatomy manual that you had plagiarized from medical texts without giving credit. Vianna, you know this is not the right way to conduct yourself in the world!


As far as your accusing me of plagiarizing, I have never plagiarized any of your work in my own. I don’t even quote anything you have written in your manuals. In the Quantum Theta class (which is as much as anything a big commercial for ThetaHealing), I mention processes you have developed and credit you completely with those so far as you have developed them. I always give credit when credit is due. This is the legal and responsible way to treat others’ work.


I still have the highest regard for ThetaHealing as a whole. I think that you have done a good job of bringing together concepts you have borrowed from others’ work and of combining them in a unique way to create ThetaHealing. However, it is wrong that you do not give credit to those you have borrowed the seeds of your work from. As you know, you were into Science of Mind earlier in your life, and if someone looks at their practitioner courses, there is all the material you use about the power of our thoughts and beliefs, connecting with Creator, making commands, witnessing changes, etc. Of course, some version of this has been done forever through the concept of prayer, but you still word it as Religious Science does. There is nothing wrong with your using these concepts, but you should give credit to where you learned them AND you cannot pretend that these are copyrighted concepts no one else has a right to use. The only things that are copyrighted are your actual manuals.


Likewise, the belief and feeling work you do was prevalent in the self-help field long before you formulated ThetaHealing. EFT, Psych-K, etc. all did processes to shift conscious and subconscious beliefs before ThetaHealing came along. Again, this is nothing against ThetaHealing, which is a wonderful modality. The point is, you do not credit the seed of these concepts to anyone else AND you claim that you own these concepts even though you do not.

You have not even seen my manuals, so you have no idea what is actually in them. How then can you claim that I am stealing your intellectual property? And what intellectual property exactly do you think I am stealing? After Creator/Source/etc. gave me the information that was to become Lifonics, I could see how much it would complement and enrich ThetaHealing, so I sent you and Guy a letter offering to have my new courses included in ThetaHealing if you so desired. Your response was not: what is your material exactly?, let us consider it, no we are not interested in principle, etc. But rather your first response was a threat to take severe legal action against me, and without even explaining what specifically I had supposedly violated!

You have, in fact, never specified exactly what intellectual property in your system I have violated. And Guy has repeatedly responded as if he feels threatened by the idea of my formulating any classes in general and as if he is afraid that these classes will give me “unfair advantage” over others. He says that you concur with him on this, and you have confirmed that with your own email. But such an attitude is not based on love, oneness, or any attempt to truly understand but instead on the illusion of separation, of competition, of scarcity, and a host of other things that are contrary to the spirit of ThetaHealing. As I say, it is very sad to see you and Guy not living according to the principles you preach to others.


I have also been very saddened to find out that you have repeatedly lied and behaved unethically over the years in regard to other matters. For example, you gave Robert Gerard a ½ page note about some preliminary ideas you had about DNA activation and begged him to develop this and publicize it to the world since you were too sick to do it yourself. (By the way, this was AFTER the time you say in your book and manuals that you were healed instantly from cancer. And yet Robert and others agree that you were still slowly recovering from the cancer.) You told him that you had been guided by Spirit to give him the little bit of information you had on DNA so that he could develop it to benefit all of humanity.  Robert took the half page and virtually on his own developed over 50 pages of detailed material regarding DNA activation, with you saying only ‘Great!’ to each manuscript he sent to you but giving no substantive input.


Nevertheless, Robert still tried to include you, but you declined his repeated offers to share with you the teaching of what he had developed. You also repeatedly broke your word to him, lied to him, behaved unethically around those he had taught, etc. You finally admitted that you had acted badly and wrote him a letter asking for his forgiveness. But when he did forgive you, you continued to behave in the same way, and he was eventually forced to disassociate from you. Nevertheless, he has always given you credit very openly for your part in his DNA activation work. While you, in turn, lie to your classes, telling us that he stole the work from you. Then you use his work on the first DNA activation in your classes as your own, though he is the one who developed it. Vianna, you know that this is not right!


I am not teaching anything as ThetaHealing that is not ThetaHealing, whatever you may claim. In fact, as much as I like ThetaHealing, I don’t have time to teach it anymore at all because my own now 14 Lifonics classes are taking all of my time. My classes do talk about a higher power—which I refer to as Life-Force Energy, the Totality of All, the Full Consciousness, etc.—and they do use some belief and feeling work: none of which you own because all of this was around before ThetaHealing was.


Nevertheless, I give credit to ThetaHealing and to the other modalities that helped form my ideas and my paradigms, which made it possible for me to really hear Creator/Source/etc. when the newer ideas were given to me. This has nothing to do with ego or a search for fame. I know that I am neither better nor worse than anyone else. And I teach for the same reason you do: because Creator/Source/etc. asked me to. I am doing this to be of service to others. It is gratifying to see the profound positive transformations in people’s lives when they do Lifonics, but I don’t consider this to be anything to my credit personally. I am simply making available the information that is coming through me.


And I don’t claim ownership. I encourage others to make the material their own and to formulate their own classes using the concepts I present. After all, there is nothing new under the sun; old things are simply put together and organized in new ways. These are not my concepts but humanity’s concepts. And the point of our existence is to fully develop ourselves as the larger being that we are and to assist others to do the same. This includes giving others the FREEDOM to bring through from Source whatever they may bring through and even to use concepts they’ve learned elsewhere (while giving proper credit) to facilitate this.


You and Guy are attempting to stop the spiritual development of humanity with your draconian contracts and attitudes. ALL OF YOUR ACTIONS RUN AGAINST FREEDOM. This is contrary to the spirit of ThetaHealing, which says that we all have an equal connection to Creator and can all bring through material that helps humanity. Your attempts to strangle people’s quest to be individuals in their work have traumatized numerous people who have taken ThetaHealing teacher training. This has not served them nor the world. Also, your attempts to indoctrinate others to look at you as a guru has not served them nor ThetaHealing. It is really shocking, for example, to see how many people who have been trained in ThetaHealing have one or both of the following or similar beliefs, “I should obey Vianna” or “Vianna must be obeyed.”


Vianna, ThetaHealing is not about you personally just as Lifonics is not about me personally! Any healing modality is about the modality itself, not about the personality who helped assemble and bring it into the world. I invite you to do what is best for ThetaHealing and for the progress of humanity in general, rather than acting in ego as you have been. You do not own the concepts of ThetaHealing since they are not original to you. So please stop trying to strike down anyone you wrongly perceive as a personal threat to you and to ThetaHealing!


This brings us to the letter your attorney sent and to the contracts themselves. First, you should know that the contracts you/Guy have written violate numerous state and federal laws, including franchise, licensee, and interstate commerce laws and are illegal for various other reasons. My attorney spells this out in more detail in his letter to your attorney.


Also, it is a matter of public record that you do not have a legal trademark on the term “Theta Healing” or “ThetaHealing.” You tried in 2003 to register a trademark but were denied by the federal trademark office because the words “Theta” and “Healing” are so common, and people have been using the Theta brainwave for decades in healing. Even if you had a legal trademark, you misunderstand what that means, which is just that others would not be able to sell goods and services under the term ThetaHealing that are not in fact ThetaHealing. It has nothing to do with what people can say about ThetaHealing or put on their websites using the term ThetaHealing, despite your attempts to limit our constitutional right to free speech in this regard.

Then there is the issue of intellectual property and copyright. Although you actually never registered a copyright on your manuals with the copyright office (these manuals would contain a unique copyright number if you had), you automatically have a common law copyright on anything you write. This means that the actual words in your manuals are copyrighted, as are the words in your books, but the concepts do not belong to you since they have been used in previous healing systems.


Therefore, it is clear that I am not violating any trademark or any copyright with respect to ThetaHealing. However, you are violating many laws with your contracts. Besides the above laws, there are huge problems with your whole certification process and its lack of official recognition not only in Idaho but especially across state lines and in other countries. There are also major problems with the confusion of Vianna Stibal and Vianna’s Nature’s Path in the contracts and in how you attempt to enforce them. These are just a few of the massive problems with your contracts. And, largely because of these, you cannot legally terminate my right to teach ThetaHealing without returning to me all the monies that I spent acquiring teacher training with you.


But, as I’ve said from the beginning, the contract is not really the issue in our dispute. The issue is really that you and Guy are attempting to block people’s right to free speech and to strangle any ThetaHealer’s connection to Creator (specifically, the information a ThetaHealer gets from that) when it runs against your own personal desires. Our whole dispute is actually about FREEDOM: you are attempting to extinguish ThetaHealers’ freedom in the world to help others in any way Creator asks them to. I am not the first you’ve terrorized in this regard, but I hope that I will be the last. I hope very much that you will take a long, hard look at what you are doing and that you will change your actions so that they are in alignment with the beautiful principles of ThetaHealing that you are currently not living.


As always, I wish you both the very best in your healing endeavors, and I especially wish that you will allow ThetaHealing to become what it can be and wants to be in the world.


Love, Trisha



April, 2009:


Since I sent Vianna and Guy Stibal the last email above, I have not heard from them directly. I did get a (second) letter from their attorney in March, though, threatening to sue me for defamation—presumably for posting this email exchange online. By the way, it is legal to publically display any emails that are sent to you; they are considered public record by US law.


Just before I got their attorney’s second letter (the first letter was the one in February suspending my ThetaHealing teaching certificate), I started experiencing some strange symptoms which led to many of the other things you can now read on this website. In particular, if you refer back to the front page of this website, you will see under “2009 Addition” these events that led to my discovering that Creator is actually not God or the All That Is—which we were all taught it is in ThetaHealing—but a rather dark entity that actually sucks energy from those who call on it. This discussion continues at


As I thought more about it, I realized that the right thing for me to do was to let ThetaHealers know about this so that they would have the information to make the choice (or not) of doing their ThetaHealing processes without calling on or otherwise using Creator. Since I already had ThetaHealing distribution lists compiled earlier in order to invite people to list on the Healer Database, I used these to send out the message. The two emails I sent can be found under the first entry at


After sending the first email, over 800 people contacted me—about 90% expressing their gratitude and offering similar stories and about 10% with harsh criticisms of me and my motives. One of their misunderstandings—which I can understand since they didn’t know all of the facts—was that I must have contacted them about Creator as a way to get back at Vianna for suspending my teaching certification. There is, however, no connection between these two incidents. Such a connection would actually never have even occurred to me had someone not accused me of it.


What actually happened was the following:


I was relieved when the email exchange with the Stibals was over. And I was very happy to no longer be a part of ThetaHealing as the new work (Lifonics) I had brought into being seemed much more powerful. I was actually grateful to the Stibals since they had unwittingly enabled me to develop my own work much more clearly in a totally different direction from ThetaHealing.


So I was carrying on with my new work, with no thought of Vianna, when the Creator entity became apparent. I refused to even believe my very gifted intuitive husband at first when he said that I was having strange symptoms because I was being psychically attacked, but then I saw it in black and white on both of his machines. Even more shocking was that Vianna would be behind this as I had always believed that no ThetaHealer would intentionally harm another.


Vianna sent out the following letter to all ThetaHealers in April when she returned from Japan. (By the way, an interesting note is that Vianna had a lawsuit served on another ThetaHealer during Vianna’s absence in Japan. This particular lawsuit was for supposed defamation of Vianna, and it happened as a result of this ThetaHealer getting a large judgment against Vianna’s son Josh—after Vianna had encouraged ThetaHealers to invest with Josh, and then Josh lost everyone’s money in a scam investment that never existed. The lawsuit contained Vianna’s signature—notarized by someone as signed in Idaho Falls on a day that Vianna was definitely teaching in Japan. So her signing it in Idaho Falls on that day is impossible. Strange, but it seems that Vianna can get even notaries to lie for her—perhaps the notary is a ThetaHealer and believes that Creator wants him/her to support Vianna no matter what!)


Anyway, when you read the below, you will see how different the Vianna here is from the Vianna in the correspondence above. How nice it would have been if Vianna had had such a kind and conciliatory approach with me, which you see is conspicuously absent in the above correspondence. Below she says that I could have “opened communication” with her and we could have settled our differences in a “civil and spiritual way.” As you know, that is exactly what I attempted to do above, and Guy and Vianna consistently refused to do so.


But the main thing you will notice in the below is Vianna’s failure to answer any of the issues I brought up in my emails to the ThetaHealing community, with the exception of the trademark issue. What she says about that, by the way, does not change the fact that she still doesn’t understand what a trademark really means and does/does not entitle her to. And one wonders why she didn’t answer my other points—could it be because she cannot?


Just one more thing: I do feel for those who have so much invested in ThetaHealing that it is hard to admit that anything might be amiss. It was a real shocker for me too. Like many, I was very enthusiastic and practicing constantly when I first learned ThetaHealing. And all the shifts I experienced—some good, of course (letting go of outdated beliefs, etc.)—distracted me enough that I didn’t realize that there was something fundamental about myself that was being altered by the Creator entity’s presence. I don’t quite know how to describe it; it’s very subtle. But since we got Creator out of my body and energy field, I recognize the return of some part of me that has been gone since I first started ThetaHealing. Perhaps it is simply the experience of being very clear and expressive out of my own being exclusively—rather than being influenced unawares by the Creator attachment.


But enough of a prelude, read the following (after you have read the emails I sent out at and see for yourself.


Dear Friends,
Guy and I have just arrived home from Japan and realize you may have received some strange emails from a former teacher of ThetaHealing™ attacking ThetaHealers and ThetaHealing™.
I take it as a great unkindness that anyone would attempt to disturb your lives and ours with what appears to be mean spirited and self serving misinformation, but as many of you know, someone has chosen that path.
I believe that this person has lost track of the true spirit of the healing modality she once promoted and professed to love, and now is consumed by selfish anger.
Let’s be clear, the original issue, and the cause of this misguided barrage of Emails and web site attacks is the direct result of my decision not to endorse her classes. She could open communication with me instead of creating such strange and unstable Emails surely we can settle our differences in a civil and spiritual way. It is unusual for someone to be attacked for healing themselves. Why this matter has been taken it to this extreme is odd to me. Do not buy into her negativity.

To formally correct one of her many inaccurate assertions, a Trademark (or trade-mark) is identified by the symbols ™ <>  (not yet registered) and ® <>  (registered). Both are enforceable in accordance with U.S. and international law.

ThetaHealing™ is about healing and helping yourself… and the wellness that can result from taking on those responsibilities.
People of all shapes and sizes, and people of all colors and nationalities are a part of the ThetaHealing™ family. It doesn’t matter what we look like or where we come from, only that we believe in a higher power and that we connect to the Creative Energy of All That Is (the spirit that intertwines and binds all things in existence) … We witness Miracles, Miracles that have yet to be explained by modern medicine, though the results are recognized by many in the medical community. ThetaHealing™ is about love and helping the world.
Be assured, I wish to be no one’s boss, only your teacher and your friend.
As teachers and practitioners, I ask for your patience and compassion for all of those involved in this situation.
It is the nature of those with the need to seek attention in this way, even the attention afforded by this message to all of you, to respond with yet another angry and self serving attack. If you wish to avoid the negative energies associated with these libelous attacks, I suggest, as many of you have already done, that you simply disregard them and assign them to the spam button on your Email.
Rest assured that this will not have a lasting impact on ThetaHealing™. Strange as it may seem it has actually had a positive impact. In fact, teachers are coming back together, many non-active teachers have called with their love and support and several have decided to become active again. Our book sales have increased, as has interest in our classes and inquiries from the national and international media.  
ThetaHealing™ is about love, truth and faith. For past teachers to attack it in this way shows a curious sense of ethics. Perhaps she simply does not recognize that this kind of negativity hurts the very credibility of the new healing modality she is attempting to create on the back-bone of ThetaHealing™, and not the credibility of ThetaHealing™ itself.
If you are a participant in our monthly live webcasts, we will be discussing some related issues on the April 10th webcast.
Thank you all for your love and support.  Know that I love you and this work
Love and Gratitude