instructor Testimonials




"Trisha Howell rocks! Not only was she unbelievably connected to Creator, but she made ThetaHealing fun and easy to learn. Great handouts and superb teaching skills! She was very in tune with everyone's need to heal—and laugh. And this is coming from someone (me!) who didn't believe in any of it at first. Go Theta!"
—Jimmy Land



"I so enjoyed your group and your energy! I love your life, vibrancy, and enthusiasm as well as your generous nature. I appreciate you!"
—Mary-Suzanne Peters, ThetaHealing practitioner and instructor



"Thank you, Trisha, for a magnificent experience! You teach by being ThetaHealing and have inspired me in ways I wouldn’t have imagined possible."
—Shahzadi Thomas



"I feel that this class is the foundation for the rest of my life! Trisha was fantastic, and I can honestly say that my life has changed its course—my direction, relationships, and mostly connecting back to Creator! What peace—I would not have changed a thing! Trisha is very quick, fun,
and thorough."
—Jolene Johnston



"Thank you, Trisha, for holding the space so beautifully, allowing us all to open and bloom. It has been an amazing trip, and I feel that I've gained invaluable insights which are already helping me on my journey. It has been a true pleasure to join with such a group of people, and I know we will endeavor to get together and support each other."
—Moll Colbert



"Trisha's soft and encouraging voice is perfect and eased my doubts of succeeding. Thank goodness for her patience! I'm astounded at my progression, and I look forward to further developing and utilizing all I've learned. I'm excited that I've actually been able to make it to the seventh plane! Thank you, Trisha! I've very thankful for you."
—Lailah Moridzadeh



"Trisha is a wonderful teacher—very responsive and intuitive, adding processes and downloads specifically helpful for those of us attending. The class was small, and we got a lot of opportunity to ask questions and get in-depth knowledge of the material. I look forward to taking more trainings with Trisha. She's everything anyone would want in a teacher!"
—Ginger Metraux



"Trisha is a tremendous teacher. The weekends were transformative and nurturing, and the atmosphere charged, powerful, and a safe haven in which to grow. I haven't the words to efficiently say how much this has meant to me, my healing work, and my spiritual journey. I feel whole, complete, and prepared to move onto great things! Thank you!"
—Phyllis Douglass



"This class was amazing. Trisha is a wonderful teacher. It has been a life-changing time, and I'm so excited to go out into the world and use this tool in everything I do. The class was uplifting and the people who came were all incredibly gifted and beautiful people with lots of love to give. I see ThetaHealing as a wonderful way of bringing a new consciousness to the world. I see this along with other things changing the world for the better. We are at a time when healers are needed, and we are here to witness an amazing change in the world as we know it."
—Samantha Taylor



"Having studied several healing modalities, I was looking for a way to connect with and assist people even more lovingly, easily, and effectively. Trisha's ThetaHealing training provided a wonderful, practical, and uplifting way to do just that."
—Sharon Roberts



"I have taken several self-healing courses, but this one is the most inspirational ever. Trisha is wonderful teacher! She brought out my intuitive abilities that I didn't even know I had. If you want to live a long and happy life, I strongly recommend Trisha Howell's ThetaHealing courses to you!"
—Deanna Clayton



"Trisha taught a wonderful class. She was able to move through all of the required materials at a comfortable pace, and, because we still had extra time in our days, we received bonus "downloads." This was
really wonderful!"
—Dean Howell, ND



"I recently re-took ThetaHealing Basic Level from Trisha Howell. Trisha is a devoted, thorough, and delightful teacher. There was so much material to cover, and she accomplished the delivery of all the course content with grace and ease. Trisha has a very gentle and patient style of teaching. Whether this is all new ground to you or you are more advanced, Trisha is an excellent choice of teacher."
—Danielle Marie Hewitt, ThetaHealing practitioner and instructor


"I am profoundly grateful that I had the opportunity to learn ThetaHealing from Trisha Howell. It was, and I am sure it will remain, one of the truly extraordinary experiences of my life. She is wise, generous, compassionate, funny, and learning from her was a privilege. ThetaHealing is working miracles in my life every day. It is the best thing that I have ever done. My sister's psoriasis has made a dramatic improvement after only ONE session! Thank you so much!”
— Eileen Ryan



"Everything you taught me in the class is still there--WOW—and is truly vibrating!!! Your ThetaHealing class gave me back the gifts that I had so vividly recalled as a child—the joy of having instant access to the Creator at all times and all the gifts that go with that! Trisha, I am struck with how rapidly and profoundly this transformation takes place and how one feels the transformation at every level, even in the DNA—and the class is continuing in the most beautiful way! I feel very lucky to have you as a teacher–you have this vast and deep reservoir of knowledge which you wear gracefully, combined with a really down to earth sweetness and sensitivity toward all, a love of laughter, and a passion for life in all its forms and healing and teaching. It is wonderful to be around you and makes the learning effortless and full of ease and fun!"
— Jule Funes



"Thank you, Trisha! I feel that you are such a genuine, caring person, and it really comes across in your teaching. I love the way that I feel love radiating from you, and the way you are so welcoming in helping people who are unclear or have questions. The class was so fantastic, and I really look forward to taking the other classes from you. I think the only thing for me could be some self-doubt, but that can be reprogrammed!! Thank you again. You have been a wonderful teacher and a blessing to get to know."
— Alison Jennings



“I really enjoyed the class. Trisha is a fabulous instructor and a wonderful healer. She managed to bring together a great group of people. I am very excited to start using the ThetaHealing Technique on other people and continue with more training.”
—Kristie Reeves



“Life changing, inspiring, looking forward to the next step!”
—Slavica Djurdjevic



“This class was most inspiring and instructive. Trisha, you rock!! The experience of the downloads and actually feeling it all happen both in practice and reality brought ThetaHealing home to me and covered everything and more of what I’d been missing in my life. Thank you from my soul that is now higher than it has ever been!”
—Sue Henley



“Trisha’s depth of education comes through in her ability to develop curriculum. Her grasp of the material is intense. Her presentation well-prepared, well-organized and well-given. She is insistent on keeping to the outline and being sure to be true to Vianna’s curriculum and intent. I would call her teaching well-schooled, well-developed, and very well facilitated. She’s a born teacher on all levels.”
—Jeanne Hollingsworth



“The class with Trisha was wonderful!  She takes a lot of information and condenses it into an understandable and interesting curriculum.  The hand-outs are also extremely helpful in really being able to use ThetaHealing.  I look forward to taking more classes with Trisha this year.”
—Tracie Horsley