www.Lifonics.com This is my main website and a super powerful form of healing! Lifonics shows you how to viscerally become the magnificent mega being that you are and from there to step into whole new paradigms, thereby making massive changes that fall within the following broad areas: Physical Health & Transformation, Personal Growth & Life Coaching, and Dynamic Business.


www.TrishaHowell.com  Here you find my life story.


www.DrDeanHowell.com My husband, Dean Howell, ND, is the developer of the revolutionary physical medicine technique known as NeuroCranial Restructuring (NCR). Patients and other doctors come from all over the world to be treated and trained by him because the technique has such highly effective application to an amazingly broad range of conditions: pain in any form, migraines and other headaches/pressure, ear and eye and and sinus and jaw problems, anxiety, whiplash, learning disabilities, depression, low energy, insomnia, organ dysfunction, relationship difficulties, facial wrinkles, and much more. NCR also optimizes nervous system function, physical structure, symmetry, physical energy, mental acuity, emotional stability and happiness, etc. You’ll find loads of good info on his site!


www.HowellCanyonPress.com The books both I and my husband Dean have published are for sale here. I write everything from children’s picture books to fantasy adventure novels, romance novels, poetry, humor, and self-help books. Dean has books, CD-ROMs, and DVDs about NeuroCranial Restructuring.


www.BodieBox.com The Bodie Box—a small Rife-like micro-current electrical treatment device—has been developed through extensive research by my husband, Dr. Dean Howell, who is an expert in various energetic (frequency) apparatuses. Dr. Howell has isolated the most effective and widely applicable DC electrical frequencies to program into the Bodie Box so you can use its 91 programs to address hundreds of physical, mental, and emotional conditions, optimizing cellular health, detoxifying, killing infections, and removing negativity and other obstacles to your ideal functioning. The Bodie Box treats specific health problems and raises your own harmonic, vibrational state, increasing your energy stores. An optimized, high-energy cell is a healthy cell. Di sease, negativity, and other obstacles all exist at specific dissonant frequencies. These disappear when consistently flooded with higher vibrational, harmonic, electrical frequencies. The Bodie Box is currently the most powerful and versatile energy treatment device on the planet. Bodie Boxes are easy to carry and use. Check this out—everyone can get a lot out of using a Bodie Box!


www.AddisonTheDog.com “The Pekinese Who Saved Civilization” was quite a character, and you can find out all about him here, as well as about his current minion, Addie.


www.HowellCanyonEstate.com Here is our beautiful Eastern Washington 200-acre retreat that is a healing center and Bed & Breakfast. Nestled in the gorgeous Okanogan Highlands and featuring 11 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms in 4 buildings with all the latest technology, this is the perfect healing environment (supervised programs available from our medical staff) or vacation get-away for the private individual or group organization.