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Welcome to ThetaHealing Technique! This is an informational website that now focuses primarily on the dangers of ThetaHealing. I, Trisha Howell, am a former ThetaHealing practitioner and instructor. For years I believed that ThetaHealing was a wonderful healing modality, and I both practiced and taught it nearly full-time. It was early 2009 that my eyes were opened by a series of events, which I will summarize below to orient you to the information you will find on this website.

In 2008 lots of new information came to me about healing processes and classes I knew I was supposed to teach. At the time, since I was practicing primarily ThetaHealing, I assumed that the information I got could be incorporated into a ThetaHealing framework. So in November 2008 I wrote Vianna and Guy Stibal (the founder of ThetaHealing and her shaman husband) a letter telling them about the classes I was starting to develop and asking if they would like to possibly co-market them as additional ThetaHealing classes. Of course, I figured they would have to see the material first.

The expected response—especially from someone who is a healer—would have been either “no, we aren’t interested” or “we might possibly be interested but please send us the material so we can see.” Instead, without any questions about the actual content of my classes, Guy told me to destroy the classes, remove them from my website, and apologize to Vianna for creating them in the first place or they would sue me for everything I own. This started an email exchange

(CLICK HERE to read it) that culminated in February 2009 with the Stibals removing my ThetaHealing teaching certification. I didn’t mind this at all since by then it was clear to me that I no longer wanted to teach any ThetaHealing classes.

In fact, I was grateful for the whole email exchange because it had opened my eyes to many things as I began researching what was going on. The most significant thing probably was that the instant cancer healing that Vianna claims she did on herself and on which ThetaHealing is based never happened. Three people who were very close to Vianna at the time confirmed definitely that her healing took place slowly over time. Also, it is interesting that Vianna herself has very different and contradictory accounts about what the healing was and how it took place. (CLICK HERE to read more about this.)

Probably the second most significant discovery was that nothing in ThetaHealing is original; it has all been taken—sometimes word for word—from other uncredited sources. In some cases—like the Intuitive Anatomy manual—it was written wholly by someone else whom the Stibals then cut out and claimed that it was Vianna’s work.

In any case, I was very glad to find this out because it made me realize that I no longer wanted to be a part of ThetaHealing. And it actually helped my own Lifonics work to go off in a new and better direction. So I wished Vianna the best, put ThetaHealing behind me, and launched into focus on my own work.

But I decided to post the email exchange between the Stibals and me on my ThetaHealing website so that people would have the information I had uncovered to decide for themselves whether ThetaHealing was right for them or not. Also, it was very striking how different the face the Stibals presented in the email exchange was from their public face. I thought people would want to know this. By the way, it is perfectly legal to post any emails that someone sends you; US federal law considers them public record.

A week or so after I posted the email exchange, I woke up one morning (early March 2009) to find that my left breast was twice the size of my right breast and rock hard! This happened literally overnight; both breasts had been completely soft and normal the day before. My husband Dean is a naturopathic doctor and said that it must be mastitis (inflammation of the breast with fluid, which can happen suddenly), even though he had never heard of a case of it in anyone other than a nursing mother. Cancer never crossed our minds at the time since it is medically impossible for breast cancer—especially a tumor of that size—to appear over night.

Anyway, this is when Dean looked into the situation using his QXCI and Power Radionics machines and realized that I had a huge entity attachment coming into my left breast. He looked into this further and found out that the entity was Creator! He then described to me a woman who was attacking me through this attachment. Though he had never met nor even seen a photo of Vianna, he described her exactly.

At first I refused to believe him because I didn’t think that anyone who is a healer would ever intentionally harm someone else. Also, we learn in ThetaHealing that Creator is another term for God or the All That Is. How could it possibly not be that but instead the dark entity he saw it as?

It took quite a bit of convincing for him to persuade me! And I don’t think I was fully persuaded until several psychics—both friends and strangers—who didn’t even know about the situation between me and the Stibals looked at me energetically and told me the same thing. They said that a ‘healer’ husband and wife were attacking me—primarily through my left breast but also through other portals—both draining my energy and sending very toxic dark energy my way. Some added that this duo was trying to kill me through these black magical means.

The idea that they would be trying to kill me seemed like a dramatic overstatement to me, but when I finally tuned in myself and checked the attachment out, I did see at least that Guy and Vianna were sending dark energy my way. This made me sad and also concerned for other ThetaHealers. If Creator was an entity that—as all my psychic friends saw—sucks energy from ThetaHealers and is quite dark, and if it also provides a way for Guy and Vianna to send negative energy to those they don’t like, then I felt it was my duty to let other ThetaHealers know so that they could continue their healing work without evoking this dangerous Creator.

In the meantime, a few days after my left breast swelled, I got a letter from Vianna’s attorney saying that they were going to sue me for defamation. Evidently, Vianna was monitoring my ThetaHealing site and had seen that I had posted our email exchange. Since, by her own and Guy’s words, the exchange does not present her in a favorable light, she wanted me to shut my website down. She continues to use speciously reasoned and threatening attorney letters to attempt to compel me to shut down this website. But I will not because I believe you deserve to know the truth.

Vianna has also sued many others. The latest suit I know of that Vianna has filed is against a woman who recently got a $25,000 judgment against Vianna’s son Josh. Vianna had encouraged this woman (and others) to invest money with Josh in what turned out to be a financial swindle, and this woman had lost $25,000. When the woman, after she got her legal judgment, remarked in an email that Josh had stolen from her, Vianna called this defamation and served her with legal papers.

Anyway, soon after my left breast swelled, I heard from a former prominent ThetaHealing instructor in Australia, Simon Rose, who filled me in on everything that had been happening in the ThetaHealing world there and elsewhere. He gave me names and dates of multiple people who have been close to Vianna, majorly promoted her classes, and then mysteriously died after having a falling out with her. He also told me about various financial and other disasters befalling people seemingly as a direct result of their involvement with ThetaHealing. I realized even more the need to speak out.

So I sent an email (CLICK HERE to read it) telling about all this to several thousand ThetaHealing instructors and practitioners. I already had distribution lists containing all of these people’s email addresses because earlier I had launched a Healer Database (www.HealerDatabase.com) and had invited all of them to be listed on it.

I got back about 800 replies. Over 90% of them were people who had had horrific experiences either with Creator or with Guy and Vianna. It was truly shocking and almost unbelievable all the things that they said and the evidence they offered! (CLICK HERE to read some of these) Fewer than 10% of the replies were from ThetaHealers who were angry that I had blown the whistle and who misunderstood my motives in doing so. I understand their anger—they have so much invested in ThetaHealing, and my discoveries threaten their view of ThetaHealing and, through that, their practice of it.

Many people asked if we would clear their Creator attachment as my husband Dean had cleared mine. I felt much better after the clearing—more energized and as if an essential part of me that had been missing since I began ThetaHealing had returned. I realized that the Creator attachment had created a kind of subtle mind control that had made it difficult for me to see what was really going on. People who fall under the spell of ThetaHealing often have problems seeing ThetaHealing and its founder Vianna in a clear way. Everything ThetaHealing and Vianna state are assumed to be true, and Vianna is revered almost like a guru by many ThetaHealers. Clearing the Creator attachment brought a renewed clarity to my thinking.

We offered this clearing free to my students but couldn’t do so to everyone. People are still emailing me asking for this clearing which, by the way, clears all entity attachments you may have, not just Creator. My husband Dean and niece Vanessa are doing these clearings as a team and are charging only $190 total to do so. If you can do the clearing on your own, more power to you. But if you need some help, they will help you. CLICK HERE for details.


By mid-April, the breast swelling still hadn’t gone down. I went to an alternative doctor and he ran some energetic and other tests. He said I had cancer not only in my left breast but also in my entire body! The doctor said he knew it sounded weird, but when he looked at my blood, it appeared as if someone or something were attacking the blood, breaking it down. He said I had 6 months maximum to live without treatment. This was, of course, quite shocking news, and I didn’t know if I should believe it!


The doctor found it very strange—really impossible—that my breast swelled over night. When it occurs by natural means, cancer takes many years to grow. Subsequent doctors I’ve seen have confirmed this. Also, I had surgery for fibroids August 2008 and all tests then (including a breast exam) showed that I was super healthy at that time. Systemic cancer would take much longer to appear by normal means. But anything can happen with a strong enough psychic attack.


I decided to see a conventional doctor to get a second opinion. I was referred by my gynecologist to the head of the breast division at St. John’s Health Center (Santa Monica, California). He is reportedly the most knowledgeable doctor about breasts in Southern California. He did a mammogram on my left breast and biopsied the left breast and the left lymph nodes. He indeed found cancer everywhere he looked. He urged me to get more tests to determine where else the cancer might be in my body and then to follow up with chemotherapy and surgery immediately.


I was of course in a daze, shocked by this news. But I have known several people personally who have lived and died very painfully as a result of chemotherapy, which basically kills your immune system (what you need to fight the cancer) and also atrophies your entire digestive track from mouth to anus (producing horrible side effects) in an attempt to kill the cancer before the chemo kills you. So chemo did not seem like a sensible alternative. Also, the biopsy itself felt so violent that I am hesitant to do surgery except as a last resort. Another factor, though, is that I have no medical insurance and no savings, so I cannot afford any of these treatments anyway. I can’t even afford further tests because they are ridiculously expensive.


I do believe that I can fully heal. I am engaging in several holistic methods of healing, including a mostly raw food diet, Depuration (low temperature saunas, lymphatic drainage, constitutional hydrotherapy, and colonics), high vitamin therapy, immune system supplementation, specialized enzymes, the Bodie Box (www.BodieBox.com) and the VIBE machine. I am also doing work on myself with Lifonics. Of course, Dean, Vanesa, and others are continuing to check to make sure nothing reattaches to me.


I am not angry at Vianna. I know that she believes that she has done the right thing—in my case as well as in all the others who have died around her. She believes that I am attacking ThetaHealing and that she must do anything possible to protect it. She told me that she would do anything to protect ThetaHealing and that if I were a mother, I would understand. (Interestingly, the kind of cancer found in my breast starts in the mammary (mother) ducts.) For her, the end justifies the means. I believe that all people do what they believe is right from their perspective.


I understand many people’s enthusiasm about ThetaHealing. I was just like that when I learned it. After Basic, I took Advanced and Manifesting & Abundance as soon as possible, and I went to constant practice groups and had private sessions. The big house in Brentwood we rented at the time became, according to ThetaHealers Brent Philips and Steve Parker, “ThetaHealing Central” because I hosted non-stop ThetaHealing events there. I was really high on the energy, believing that I had found the simplest yet most effective means of healing on the planet. It is, of course, sad now to find out that this is not the case.


I don’t think ThetaHealing is wholly bad. In fact, as long as people don’t use the Creator entity, I believe that they can perform many of the techniques safely. All ThetaHealing techniques (various kinds of readings, direct healings, manifestations, energy downloads, belief & feeling work, etc.) have already been used for many years in other healing modalities to mostly good effect. As long as people don’t use Creator (or allow it to attach to them in any way) and don’t subtly give their power away to Vianna by idolizing her, they can probably derive some benefit from ThetaHealing.


I am NOT telling anyone to throw away all that they have learned in ThetaHealing. Though ThetaHealing contains numerous factual errors and some limitations in perspective, it also contains many useful practical healing suggestions. People can learn from these suggestions without using Creator. But they should not accept all that is asserted without checking it out more fully first since there are lots of errors (some quite serious) in the ThetaHealing manuals.


I’m happy for all those who feel that they have benefitted from ThetaHealing. I would just advise that they be careful so that what happened to me does not happen to them as well. If you are a ThetaHealer, don’t evoke Creator in any way. Work explicitly with God or Source or, better yet, from your own massive mega being so that you need not rely on anything outside of yourself.


Although I would, of course, prefer not to have cancer, I believe that everything happens for our highest good. One of the basic principles of Lifonics is that the highest potential of any “problem” can be found and energetically stepped into so that you can use it to go to the next level of your being. When I look at the cancer, what I see is the opportunity to slow down, rest, and go to a whole new level of health. Most of us see ourselves as healthy when we are not sick, but actually health is a positive state of incredible vitality, clarity, and thriving beyond what most adults ever experience. I see the potential of my reconnecting with this higher state of health through my recovery and helping (along with others who are doing similar work) to make it more available to all of humanity.


I hope that this site answers all of your questions about ThetaHealing (if not, please read it carefully again). Because of the volume of responses, I am not able to answer most emails. But please email me if you have an experience with ThetaHealing that you would like to share (TrishaHowell@gmail.com). Blessings to you, and may you have a wonderful journey through life that is healing, joyful, and full of love.



Trisha Howell