Did Vianna have an instant healing?


ThetaHealing is based on founder Vianna Stibal’s claim that she healed herself instantly of terminal cancer using its principles. This alleged spectacular occurrence is what validates in ThetaHealing practitoners’ and teachers’ minds the ability of ThetaHealing to effect instant physical cures in clients. But did this healing actually take place?

Three different people who were very close to Vianna at the time have assured me that it did not—they say she recovered from the cancer over a long period of time through natural methods.

This was a very shocking revelation to me at first, even though I was in the process of leaving ThetaHealing already at the time. It did, though, explain some things that I had found puzzling.


  • When I went to take teacher training and met Vianna for the first time, her energy field looked rather weak to me and she was sniffling constantly. I wondered why she didn’t heal her runny nose if she had healed herself of cancer. Also, there was a lot of sickness I noticed in her immediate circle—her husband’s psoriasis and her massage therapist’s asthmatic son being just two examples—that she did not seem to be addressing. (I now understand that one of her little granddaughters has been in and out of the hospital many times and Vianna has never even attempted to help her.) Granted, you cannot heal someone who is not willing and who won’t let go of certain beliefs and feelings, but wouldn’t Vianna’s own family be willing to have her work on them and be open to changing?
  • Vianna has some major health crisis almost every year. I understand, by the way, that she has now had surgery to fix her nose, but last year (2008) she fell into a coma, before that she had congestive heart failure, she’s been in serious auto accidents (one she even sued her husband Guy over to get insurance money, saying that she had suffered permanent injury in the court documents), etc. Someone close to her told me that she also carries around a bag of pharmaceutical drugs that she frequently takes. Why not use ThetaHealing to heal herself of all that and, better yet, not let any serious health conditions develop, if she could do so?
  • In Vianna’s latest edition (2008) of her general book, ThetaHealing, she talks about how she instantly healed herself of bone cancer in the late 1990’s and that this was the genesis of ThetaHealing—her shrunken leg bone immediately returned to full length and strengthened when the healing happened. But in other talks and in earlier books (I understand the first edition of her first book has a very different story, but I haven’t been able to get a copy of it), her story has varied. Since her alleged instant healing (not just before the healing took place, as she now says in her latest general book), Vianna has given the following different accounts (and more) of what happened:
    • Vianna had blood cancer.
    • Vianna had lymphoma.
    • Vianna had bone cancer.
    • Vianna healed herself in front of her office.
    • Vianna healed herself inside of her office with other healing colleagues in attendance.
    • Vianna healed herself at home in front of her family.


So you can take your pick of which story to believe. You do wonder, though, why if the instant healing really did occur, Vianna’s story about it has kept changing. Each version of the story has become more dramatic. Could it be that Vianna doesn’t remember what she said from one time to the other (the various editions of her main book have been based largely on recordings of talks she’s given) and looks each time to create the best story? The founding story of ThetaHealing seems to be just that: a story.