This is from a student of mine who decided to have the email exchange between Vianna and me analyzed by mental health professionals—a forensic psychologist and a psychotherapist. She is here writing to another ThetaHealer who had criticized me for speaking out the truth I had discovered about Creator. The professionals do not know me, Vianna, nor Guy. They based their analysis solely on the email exchange, which you will want to read first before you read this. Just as background for the below, Vianna knows that I have been trying for years to get pregnant and have not succeeded. Vianna has three children herself. It is in this context that you made the comment about my motherhood.—Trisha Howell

Bravo, Steve! Bravo!

My Turn!

I don’t know if you remember this, but many moons ago, I send an email to you asking why it [ThetaHealing] was all about money. All I’d read or heard about with the theta healing community was how to make money, how it costs money, etc. I had asked 7 teachers how much their classes were and was told various large amounts. The one thing that did not vary was that none of them took payments. Every one of them wanted the money up front.


You used my email as a learning tool for this email group. You spoke about what our issues were and our beliefs were surrounding money, etc. That is why I chose you to work on me. To be honest, you also wanted the money up front. You certainly didn’t say anything about making payments!


There is only one person who suggested payments and then forgot how much I owed them, not really caring [Trisha].


You and I did a whole session or three way before any of this (and directly before I was considering going to Trisha’s class), and it was wonderful. You showed me how to embody Gaia (and boy did I ever), how to be in touch with that side of me. Do you also remember me asking about what you saw in the left side of my chest that was causing me pain? You said you saw a rib dislocation thingy (my technical term), and I said that could be right.

Keep that in mind as I go through my turn here.

Watching all of this [the email exchange between Trisha and the ThetaHealing community] unfold has opened a whole new world for me. I have touched on and changed more beliefs than I know what to do with! Yay!
I also decided I needed to get some outside info on the main players. I went to a forensic psychologist friend of mine and to an author friend of mine who is a psychic psychotherapist. I sent them both the emails that apparently happened between Trisha, Guy and later Vianna before any of the “entity” stuff came up. I removed the names and any reference to theta healing and left those spaces as just lines.

I’ll call the forensic psychologist FP and the psychic psychotherapist PP.


FP: From the limited amount of information I have received here I can’t really base an entire evaluation of anybody, so I am just going to give you my general analysis. The person in the forefront [Trisha Howell] begins with an open, honest question and a seemingly generous offer of forwarding the business that it seems they are both in. My take on that initial email is that this person was completely open and trusting that the recipients of said email would also be.


(FP testifies in court about psychos, killers, stalkers etc, so he sometimes talks like he’s still in court) The answer given to this person was not at all in kind. This answer [from Guy Stibal, Vianna’s husband] was threatening, bullying and (I must step out of character here as a psychologist and say) rather rude. I don’t know the history of these people, so I am simply opining regarding what I read here.

The following emails by the second person [Guy] seem to grow more harsh and threatening. This person exhibits a need to take over and dominate whomever they speak to.

The next ones by the initial person [Trisha] are again, open and honest. They are asking for patience and for copies of the business contracts in a firm but open way. I see no tendency towards dishonesty here.

The answers are again, threatening and showing open hostility and a need to control.

The emails continue in this vein for quite a span. One open and seemingly trying to understand, the other dominating and hostile.

Then a third party [Vianna Stibal] enters the discussion. The thing I find disturbing about this portion of the exchange, tho at some points the third party is obviously forcing kindness and patience, there is a sentence completely out of context that I am not quite sure I understand the need for. I do apologize, but I do now know, due to this one sentence, that the original emailer and the third are both women.

Perhaps someday when you are a mother, you will understand all of this better and respect the energy of all that is.”

I am not quite sure of the reason for this sentence. It could be a form of backlash, if the other woman [Trisha] had been trying to conceive, or it could simply be a form of pride in motherhood. If the first instance is true and the first emailer had been trying to conceive, this statement was most likely meant to cause pain as it is completely out of context to the rest of the email. This third person then ends basically the same as the second, threatening and controlling.

The original person [Trisha] then puts a sentence in her email that rather makes me believe I am correct in my assumption that the third emailer’s “mother” sentence was intended as a manipulation of the first emailer’s feelings surrounding the mother issue.

“Your letter above seems to have little or no relevance to me or to what I’ve been doing. I don’t know if you are intentionally trying to cloud the issue by attacking a straw man or if you simply don’t understand.”

The final email by the initial emailer [Trisha] once again appears (and again, please forgive me if I am repeating myself here) open, honest and trying to understand.

The psychic psychotherapist/author had basically the same take, but added:

PP:“Well, hon, I wish I could tell you different, but that first lady [Trisha] needs to run and run far! I sense, both the psychic and the therapist in me, that these people who are being so vicious to her are no friends of hers, nor are they friends of the people they profess to teach whatever they are teaching. Your sneaky wipeout of all the names and key business words didn’t work on me, sweetie. I can see that these people are trying to make money spouting some kind of psychic healing jargon. Unfortunately, as the first lady is now aware, if love is one of the words they are spouting, they are lying! I see no love here with their end of things. I see control, man on the mountain egos, and cruelty. Tell her to run, and run fast!

So, Steve, though I applaud your morality/belief changing play, I question your loyalty to the universe and I have no problem reading between the lines.


Whether or not there is an “entity”, whether or not there is a “legal issue”, whether or not our beliefs need changing to better the universe, there is a greater question that no one seems to have touched on.

Where is the love? All I have seen with the exception of only a few in this group, is nasty stabbing jibes! “Trisha’s stinky guesthouse.” Ouch! Lots of healing/unconditional love there! Vianna’s “out of context” statement regarding being a mother. Where did that come from? Obviously she knows Trisha wants children, so why not cause some pain wherever she can! That is not a healer. That is a controller.

I have never met Vianna. I have never met Guy. I have met the “creator”. And I don’t like it. No belief needs changing there. I have cleansed more houses/souls of evil than most of you even know exist. I don’t need to change any belief about evil, Steve, (I have the “creator” PUD on it that you downloaded into me), and I have the original knowledge of what it is, having seen and banished it from many places and people. My mistake was in not listening to my initial response to both Vianna’s picture and the pain in my chest. My mistake was not listening to my gifted child who asked me in a terrified voice completely out of the blue before all this “entity” stuff, “Mom, what is that black fuzzy thing squeezing your chest?” My mistake was also in buying that “you will need more minerals” crap! What? Why on Earth would anyone doing God/Goddess work and having healing energy/unconditional love flow through them need extra minerals unless something other than God/Goddess was sucking those minerals out! Get real, people! All that healing energy and unconditional love should help the healer too, not suck minerals out of their bodies! Does a Reiki practitioner need extra minerals?

Steve, you also said “Let's clear our limiting beliefs around authority and authority figures.” Why on Earth would we need to do that unless we considered (as do you) Vianna and Guy authority figures. That leads me to ask, why on Earth would anyone consider them authority figures? They are, after all, simply two people who’ve written a few books and taught a few classes. This in no way makes them authority figures, unless you let it. Most of you have let it.


Now back to the beginnings. Yes, I love myself. Yes, I have cleared more beliefs than thought possible and I owe theta healing a great deal of gratitude. The next statement, if it hasn’t already begun, will have the lot of you at my psychic and physical throat, but so be it.

Every theta healer I have spoken with has not suggested payments, they want their money up front.

Trisha is the ONLY one that actually suggested payments when I was worrying about money. Then she forgot what I owed her. Didn’t keep track.

Trisha used her machine thingy (again, technical term) free of charge and my chest pain completely disappeared after over a year. My child told me she was glad the “black fuzzy thing” was not squeezing my chest anymore. She still knows nothing of any of this. I went to a heart doctor before Trisha’s machine thingy. I went to a lung specialist. I went to a musculoskeletal specialist. I had two mammograms. No one could find anything wrong with me.

Sorry folks, but I gotta go with what I know. The pain is gone. No one in the allopathic world could fix it or find a reason for it half a year before the whole “entity schmentity“ stuff came. It must only be a coincidence that that pain began exactly when I began considering taking a class from Trisha. Wonder where it came from? Hmmmmmmm.

I love Trisha completely with unconditional love, and she is not an authority figure to me. I love Steve with unconditional love, and he is not an authority figure to me. I love Vianna and Guy with unconditional love, and they are not authority figures to me.

Unconditional love happens without accusations, without “creator” or money up front or payments. Unconditional love happens without mineral sucking. Unconditional love happens without authority figures. Unconditional love happens when you allow it to happen. Unconditional love is.

With Unconditional Love and Logic,


The following was sent to me by fellow healer Simon Rose who asked a past student of his—a leading Australian psychologist—to look at the email exchange between me, Guy, and Vianna.


Hi Mate,

I have not read the whole lot, got as far as the letter from Vianna, but I think I got the understanding.  My take on it is a little different to the others, but I give it for what it’s worth (based on what I have read so far).

Vianna came up with a great modality. It worked. But as many of us have found, as we self heal, some things change straight away and some things do not (or never in some cases).  Vianna, as I understand it, has had several long term partners.  I don’t know the history, but I have observed through the correspondence, that the current husband is very controlling in his approach - using threat and intimidation, as control devices.  If he is fast to adopt this approach to others distant to him, how is he when he is at home?

This invokes the suspicion in me that maybe Vianna is being controlled too?

In my practice I have seen many examples of women (and men too of course), who have been efficient, focused and forces to be reckoned with, in their sphere of influence e.g. work, home etc, but in other spheres, they become robots or slaves to the controller in their lives.  Even to the point of adopting the controller's attitudes and value systems, and dare I say it, beliefs!

So we can have a situation where we have a person who appears to others to be in control, powerful, a force to be reckoned with, yet at the same time, psychologically controlled by another to the point where they don’t even realise it!  It usually only becomes evident, to the controlled person, after the divorce (I am sure we have all been there, done that).

I think the best approach to the situation in the correspondence, is to listen to the tone of the message.  It clearly says, "I am trying to control you too!"

As you know, I have been a great supporter of Theta Healing, but as Physicists say "There is only one constant in the universe, and that is nothing is constant".  Maybe its time for Theta Healing, like many modalities before it, to evolve!