2009 Addition: The Dark Side of ThetaHealing

 Dear Reader,


I used to be a ThetaHealing practitioner and instructor, and this site promoted ThetaHealing. Now I sadly have experienced ThetaHealing's dark side, and so this site has become an informational expose of ThetaHealing where you can read about my experience and that of hundreds of others who have been harmed in some way by ThetaHealing. 

The content of this site represents only our opinions, which freedom of speech gives us the right to speak out. To avoid any confusion, please understand that I am no longer associated with ThetaHealing in any way nor with ThetaHealing founder Vianna Stibal.

It has come to my attention that “Creator”—the energy that ThetaHealing utilizes to do all of its healings—is not a benevolent energy and is not the actual creative energy of the universe that it is supposed to be. It has turned out to be a parasitic entity that is installed into ThetaHealing practitioners and then masquerades as God or the All that Is.


While “Creator” helps you to do healings, belief work, manifestations, etc., it extracts an energetic price for this. I've received information that back in the 1990’s Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing, had a shamanic experience in which “Creator” approached her and agreed to help her achieve wealth and fame in exchange for her installing into her practitioners an energetic link with “Creator” that would enable “Creator” to feed off of the practitioners’ energy in exchange for doing healings. (I believe this was presented to her in such a way that it sounded like a good thing for all concerned, but I and many others have found it not to be so.) This installation happens pretty much automatically if you take the ThetaHealing courses and thus start calling on “Creator.” It is especially strengthened in the Advanced DNA course where you get so many energy downloads associated with “Creator.”


If you are a ThetaHealer, “Creator” is very difficult for you to detect as an entity because within the framework of ThetaHealing it does not show up as a psychic attachment or other parasitic entity. It is easily confused with God and becomes almost like a part of yourself. All of the ThetaHealing techniques assume a symbiotic relationship with it, instead of the parasitic reality.


The ThetaHealing courses stress the need for practitioners to get extra nutrition—especially extra minerals—when they do ThetaHealing. This is actually because of the strain associated with going “up” to the “seventh plane” to be with “Creator.” So you get good therapeutic results in return for a depletion of energy—this is the nature of the exchange with Creator. This is a parasitic relationship, not commensalism, certainly not a symbiotic relationship. But you may not notice this depletion until you try to leave ThetaHealing and “Creator,” which “Creator” does not like. Interestingly, the “Creator” attachments tend most often to come into the chest, the same place that the Haitian voodoo priests put their energetic drains.


Since I’ve told people about my experiences with “Creator,”—of getting psychically attacked when I pulled away from Creator—many people have emailed me telling me that they have had a similar experience. Sure enough, Dean and I have then found the “Creator” entity attached to them, and they have felt much better when we removed it.


We have not been finding the attachment in lay people who receive ThetaHealing but only in the practitioners. If you want to learn ThetaHealing practitioner techniques, read below BUT be sure instead of calling on Creator that you instead call on God, Universal Chi or some other benevolent force to assist you.


Love, Trisha

P.S. The below descriptions are a rewrite (in light of what I've now found out) of what originally appeared on this website when I was a ThetaHealing teacher and practitioner. i am no longer either, and I have no affiliation with ThetaHealing, Vianna Stibal, of Nature's Path of Idaho.