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 As you may already know, I left ThetaHealing recently to focus on my Lifonics work (, and then my ThetaHealing teaching certification was suspended as a result of this (February 2009).  Unfortunately my desire to bring new and simpler techniques to the Theta community resulted in some very nasty and threatening letters from Vianna and Guy (I have posted them all at I’ve since learned that every ThetaHealing teacher who’s claimed to make any breakthroughs or find a simpler way has received threatening letters from Guy and Vianna.  The only difference with me was that I hired an attorney and called their bluff. 


The purpose of this email is to explain to you very briefly what I’ve learned over the last few months, now that I’m safely out of the ThetaHealing web.  I realize that this info may come as a shock to you, but it’s 100% true and I ask only that you take a few minutes to consider it for yourself and find your own truth.


ThetaHealing is dangerous


I’ll start with the proof.  How many really healthy and abundant ThetaHealing teachers do you know?  REALLY?


I’m going to state the obvious for a minute, simply because no one has dared say this publicly before.  Many of the ThetaHealing teachers – especially the ones teaching regularly or seeing lots of clients – are sick and have massive abundance issues.


About four years ago one of the original ThetaHealing teachers here in Los Angeles area resigned, telling us that it was because “all of her Theta friends were ending up dead.”  Since then there’s been a clear pattern.  It starts right up at the top – have you ever wondered why Vianna has a new “miracle” story every year? She has another near death experience more often than the rest of us change hair styles.   Did you hear about her catching bacterial meningitis a year ago?  What about the many life-threatening car accidents?  What about the congestive heart failure in 2006?  What is this all about?  (The official excuses like “I had to pull myself out of a coma before teaching DNA3” never cut the mustard with me – since it totally ignores the reasons why she contracted the illness in the first place.)


It doesn’t stop at the top.  Looking around at high profile ThetaHealing teachers in the USA and overseas, many have serious health and abundance problems.  Several are dangerously overweight and haven’t been able to shift this after 5 or more years of Theta Healing work (why not?).  Of course, it’s very embarrassing for a healer to admit they have health problems so most are keeping it to themselves, but the truth is starting to come out.


Want more examples?  How about Guy Stibal, “Guardian Protector of ThetaHealing”.  Did you know he is still suffering from psoriasis and (quite visibly) from cold sores, despite 10+ years of healings?  I think you get my point.


It’s also come to light that Vianna apparently did NOT have an instant healing, as she claimed, from her cancer in the late 1990’s. According to someone who knew her well at the time, she recovered only gradually by using various detoxification and nutritional protocols. This contradicts and calls into question the whole foundation of ThetaHealing: Take out the instant healing story and what have you got? Just another technique among many for changing beliefs.


I recently spoke with Simon Rose, who was (until January) one of the most experienced ThetaHealing teachers down under in Australia.  He filled me in on the situation there.  Both of the teachers who introduced Simon to ThetaHealing have died, one of cancer and the other of suicide (she was Vianna’s promoter for many years).  At Vianna’s recent Intuitive Anatomy teacher training in January, her assistant teacher (an experienced IA teacher) was rushed to the hospital to have a huge ovarian cyst removed – despite many healings from Vianna.  Most if not all of the experienced ThetaHealing teachers in that course had significant health problems.  The question is not “Why couldn’t Theta heal it?” but rather “Why, after SO many years of ThetaHealing, are they developing these problems in the first place?”


Simon was motivated to share his concerns because he also ended up in the hospital last year with a recurrence of a serious health condition.  No amount of ThetaHealing was able to shift it, which was actually fortunate as his quest led to learning some amazing new techniques which he’s now teaching instead of Theta (you can refer to his blog for more detail on his instant healing and the work he’s now teaching – he shares the instructions online free:


I could go on and on for pages, but I think this is enough for you to get the picture. 


What’s the explanation for this?


Well, now that I’ve been brave enough to put in writing what most of us have privately thought, I guess I owe you some explanation.  I’m going to give you my best interpretation, but bear it mind it’s my opinion. I welcome your own explanations and theories.


My belief is that ThetaHealing has become dangerous by separating us from our true nature and by causing us to “swear allegiance” (so to speak) to a concept of Creator that is separate from us.


I believe that we are united by an energy of love, a force that you might choose to call the Creator of All That Is.  However, and this is the important point, the “7 Planes” meditation does not take you there.


Connecting to the energy of Creation is easy – you don’t need to go anywhere. You ARE the energy of Creation. Embrace your divine nature and you are there. You don’t need to “Go up and seek God” (as Vianna put in her first book). How can you go up to seek yourself?


What Vianna has created is a technique that actually SEPARATES us from Creation.  Instead of being one with ourselves, the technique causes us to leave our truth and to travel “up” to seek some energy called “Creator.”  Since we’ve left ourselves behind, this energy cannot be the All That Is, and is in fact some other entity.


My research over the last few months leads me to believe that the so-called “Creator” we invoke on the 7th Plane in ThetaHealing is some form of energy or consciousness that Vianna works with (almost certainly believing in it as Creator).  If you want to use the terminology of the Planes, you could think of it as a god (5th plane) that has been elevated to a higher level by virtue of people’s belief systems.  Essentially Vianna has installed in those trained as teachers the belief that this particular energy is “Creator”.  These poor teachers then install it unaware in practitioners.


I know this might come as a shock to you, and you probably don’t want to believe me, so let me give you some tools to validate this truth.  Firstly, if you want to clear it, you’ll have to work with a different energy instead of “Creator.” Preferably, expand into your massive mega being and work from there; this is the safest and most powerful road to healing.


For obvious reasons, the attachment to the “Creator” entity is not removed with the techniques taught in ThetaHealing for removing psychic attack and possession.  You can’t use “Creator” to clear the same energy; you need to get higher.  My husband Dean got it out of me with Power Radionics and then taught me how to do the same for others.


My niece Vanessa, whom I trained together with my entire extended family—and who is the most psychic person I’ve ever met—saw “Creator” entity energy around the fields of everyone trained in our family, stronger in each person in proportion to how much they have been practicing ThetaHealing. She used a non-Theta technique to clear each of them. Interestingly, Vanessa reports that “Creator” started out as a more benign energy (a gray entity), but as it has gathered energy and replicated itself so much by feeding off of our energy, it has become darker.


If you have trained in ThetaHealing with me, I will remove the Creator entity from you free; just send me a jpeg photo with you only in it. If you are not my student, you are advised to have me or someone else remove this attachment from you so that you can be freer, healthier, and can function optimally in your life and as a healer.


You might not want to believe this, but just give it a go yourself.  So far everyone who has cleared this attachment or contract has had instant health and abundance improvements – as soon as they cut that ThetaHealing chord. 


I want to reiterate that this is about abundance just as much as it is about health.  Despite Vianna bringing out the Manifesting and Abundance course 2 years ago, the consciousness of ThetaHealing teachers is far from abundant.   How many of you are caught up in financial fears right now?    Well I have good news, all of the ThetaHealing teachers who quit ThetaHealing and cleared the psychic chords to “Creator” have had massive shifts in their abundance.


My friend Simon Rose reported that a hundred million dollar project he manifested for his charity, World Harmony Foundation, was stuck in red tape for over a year. It only became real the week after his resignation from ThetaHealing and clearing the “Creator” entity. Now that’s timing!


I’m not asking you to throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are many positive things that all of us learned in ThetaHealing and, in fact, part of this has helped us all to mature as people and as healers so that now we can go to a higher, wider level of being. And, of course, since Vianna took most of ThetaHealing from other sources (Religious Science, shamanic and psychic traditions, etc.), a lot of the work—such as the belief and feeling work—is beneficial so long as you do this from your wider being, instead of calling on the limiting and even dangerous “Creator” entity.


I realize some ThetaHealers are angry that I am speaking out, and Vianna continues to send attacks to me because of this. But a part of my mission is to bring freedom and true healing to everyone possible. I want you all to know that I love and care about each of you unconditionally, and I stand for the highest and best life and healing for you now and always.


Best wishes to you always and lots of love!
Trisha Howell


P.S. Below you will find what I posted on my ThetaHealing website about this issue. []


I sent the previous letter to a lot of ThetaHealers, and then to those who replied, I sent out the following about a week later:


Dear Colleagues,


I apologize for sending a generic response to your email, but I have been overwhelmed by 800+ emails and scores of phone calls since I sent out an email on Friday, March 27 exposing the “Creator” entity used in ThetaHealing. Thank you all for your response, whether negative or positive, and know that I have now read all of your emails (as you can understand, this took awhile, so I am only now getting back to you!). I am not posting any of your emails anywhere in the interest of your privacy, but I will summarize in a general way some things below I learned from you.


For any who are fearful, let me encourage you right away to BANISH ALL FEAR.  If you are being drained by “Creator,” you can use your own method of clearing that entity or get help from us. And if you are practicing or teaching what you learned in ThetaHealing, I believe it is safe to continue doing so as long as you don’t use “Creator” in any way in the process. (However, I don’t believe that even non-“Creator” ThetaHealing is as effective as some other available healing processes that work from a much higher paradigm than ThetaHealing, such as Lifonics and Evolutionary Technique.)


Most of you were very supportive and detailed to me your own really shocking experiences with Vianna & Guy, with Josh, with ThetaHealing in general, with “Creator,” etc. I’m sorry to see that things are much, much worse than what I had thought even last week. I want to extend my love and sympathy to all of you. I especially feel for the many of you who have had health or other disasters occur to you after you have received ThetaHealing, you contacted Vianna for help, and she uniformly turned a cold shoulder to you, no matter how much you offered to pay. Many of you have concluded that she is not able to truly heal people when she has refused to do anything to help.


Many of you have offered your own validations and interpretations of this "Creator - entity" discovery, and I read with interest all that you have said, both positive and negative


There is one really terrific account I have permission from the author (Simon) to point you toward: After discussions with several leading international spiritual teachers, Simon Rose has written a detailed analysis asking the following questions:


  • "What is a God?"
  • "What is Creator?"
  • "Why does everyone think their god is the Creator?"
  • "Why does all of this matter to me anyway?"  


Some who have done courses with Simon tell me that his gift is to put difficult concepts into words that all of us can understand.  I found Simon's alternative diagrams of the Seven Planes of Existence (near the bottom of the blog) very helpful and refreshing (and convincing).  For a detailed analysis (totally independent of me and my personal feelings), check out Simon's blog:


By the way, Simon is willing to include you in the loop of people he shares insights with about his ThetaHealing experiences. You can check out his blog above and then email him at I include this for those of you who asked to speak with others who have had similar experiences to mine since he has given me permission to send you his way, and the other people who have emailed me have not given me that permission.


It is really striking how many of you have experienced the dark side of “Creator,” even while you were still calling on it. As I said, I became aware of the slow energy drain “Creator” imposes on all who call on it only after I left ThetaHealing, and thus the hold “Creator” was still trying to maintain on me became more obvious. So many of you have said that my email now makes sense of your experiences with “Creator,”—which include tightness in your chest, the feeling that something is attached to your heart, just the feeling that something is not right with ThetaHealing, strange things happening as a direct result of your doing ThetaHealing, etc.—and you have thanked me for letting you know. You are welcome, though I am very sorry that it was necessary for me to bear this bad news to you.


Still, we can see this experience as a positive invitation for us all to own our own power as healers (and to work with that instead of with some outside entity that masquerades as the All and part of us) and to step more clearly and powerfully into benevolent healing.


I have heard some stories over and over again that I am in no position to verify, but it does seem appropriate to let any of you who may be considering investing through Vianna’s son Josh know that this does not look like a good idea. What I’ve heard from numerous people is that Vianna reportedly has encouraged ThetaHealers to invest money through Josh, people have lost over $100,000 doing this, and Vianna has lied and covered up for him when people have approached her about this (though Vianna did apparently suspend Josh’s teaching certification when it looked like she would get in trouble with authorities if she didn’t). One person (whom Vianna is now suing for defamation) even got a $25,000 judgment against Josh. This person has not yet been able to collect, but Josh is under investigation by numerous authorities. Whatever the particular details may truly be, it sounds like it would be best to investigate carefully before giving money to Josh or Vianna for investment.


Many of you have said that even though you felt positive results from ThetaHealing, something always seemed off or missing in the work. It was different things for different ones of you. For me, it was always that most physical healings were never as promised as well as my observation that many prominent ThetaHealers were not living the work. Still, until recently, I thought that ThetaHealing must be great. Funny, but when we have a firm belief about something (like that ThetaHealing must be wholly good), we tend to interpret all input in terms of that. But when we finally see the truth, things we ignored in the past suddenly make sense.


Some of you have sent me links to other exciting healing work you would like to share with me. Thank you, I have made a list of all of the links, and I will check them out when I have the chance.


Some of you have asked what I plan to do with my ThetaHealing Technique website now. I will keep it up as an information resource for people about what is actually happening in ThetaHealing, both bad and good.


Some people have written angry comments on Vianna's yahoo group and other blogs and discussion boards criticizing me in an abusive manner.  Some wrote to Vianna's list to dispute what I said about their health, etc. (I've rechecked my sources, and all my information was correct).  What I want to say to you is this: those who wrote to criticize me were the ones who stand to lose the most if I am correct.  They are mostly intuitive anatomy teachers and full-time ThetaHealing teachers.  Think about it to find your own truth: Is it possible that these people are not emotionally ready to listen to me?  What do they stand to lose? They would have to suddenly find their own truth and maybe even develop their own healing technique, one that works profoundly more than just sometimes.  When you read criticisms of me, just ask yourself "What does this person have to lose if Trisha is correct?" or "What do they have to gain by discrediting Trisha?"  Those who have looked at this without ulterior motives have ended up validating what I am saying.


A few more words to those who don’t understand what I’ve written and my motives:


Vianna SAYS that Creator is the All and we are it too, but this is not how ThetaHealing is actually designed in practice (we must go up or out to connect--how can you connect with what is already you?), and the reality is Creator is an entity.


When I started writing a book about ThetaHealing, I consulted Vianna at the very beginning (Summer 2007) and got her suggestions and approval. I also always taught her classes just as they were designed to be taught. Vianna suspended me and is now suing me because she feels threatened by my new work and by my speaking the truth, not because I didn’t keep her work pure (which I did).


My major mistake was thinking that the new material that came to me in 2008 could be accommodated into ThetaHealing. Now, though, I see that all that happened was in the highest and best as it led to my finding out the truth about ThetaHealing and sharing it for the benefit of others. I thought just as my critics now do before I found out the truth, part of which is that Creator is NOT what Vianna claims that it is.


My current Lifonics classes and book in progress (Reinvent Yourself ) have nothing to do with ThetaHealing. I have made it very clear that Lifonics is totally separate from ThetaHealing.


For those of you who strangely think that I am telling the truth about ThetaHealing to in some way benefit my new Lifonics work or me financially, let me make the following facts clear:


  • I gave up thousands of dollars of income per month from ThetaHealing teaching and private clients when it became clear that it would be morally wrong to continue doing ThetaHealing, given what I was finding out about it, Guy, and Vianna.
  • As a result of my telling the truth about “Creator,” I knew that I would unfortunately upset some people and make them in the process hate my own new work. This has indeed happened. Well, I believe that telling the truth is the most important thing regardless of the consequences. I knew that my courage in speaking out would help many to become free, and it has.
  • My speaking out has resulted in the loss of some private clients and students, just as I suspected it would. So be it. Doing the right thing is more important.
  • My speaking out has caused me to spend a huge amount of time reading hundreds of emails and listening to scores of phone calls, responding to people about all their concerns, and I will now do scores of entity clearings on people—none of which I will get paid for.
  • ThetaHealers who do not wish to see the truth are leaving my Healer Database, which will result in thousands of dollars of lost income to me in renewals, but that is fine. Again, money is not important. The truth is.


A few of you asked to be removed from my email list, and know that I will do this as soon as I get access to my primary computer. I’ve have written down your names. I had thought you could remove yourself from the Healer Database, but itturns out only my webmaster can do this, so if you want to be removed, please send the request to If you already sent me an email requesting removal, I have sent your name to him for removal, but you might want to email him again just in case your request got lost in the 800+ emails I have received in the last week.


Again, let me emphasize that when I taught ThetaHealing, I always taught it as Vianna had designed, and people loved my classes. The reason why my teaching certification was suspended had nothing to do with my teaching of ThetaHealing and everything to do with my creating a new work called Lifonics that goes way beyond ThetaHealing and which Vianna found very threatening, though she had never see any of its material and knew virtually nothing about it. I got the same story from scores of other ThetaHealing teachers who tried to do something on their own other than ThetaHealing.


The irony, of course, is that apparently Vianna stole from others virtually all of the material that is contained in ThetaHealing without crediting them (I can trace almost everything in ThetaHealing to other earlier modalities). She thus has no copyright on the processes she uses (just on her manuals, as they are worded), no trademark on “ThetaHealing” (the federal government turned down her application for a trademark in 2003), and she is in violation of state and federal law for phony doctorates, phony “franchises,” and the many illegal things contained in the contracts all teachers are made to sign in order to get their certification.


Vianna knows all this and so figures that the best defense is a good offense of attacking anyone who questions anything she is doing. She is also well aware of the many factual inaccuracies in her manuals, which have been repeatedly pointed out to her by many well-meaning ThetaHealers, whom she has then in some way verbally attacked or just scolded: e.g., “Do you want to quibble or do you want to heal?” Other people’s suggestions for improvement have been absorbed uncredited into ThetaHealing, but she has not been willing to correct these factual inaccuracies (and some of the many inaccuracies in Intuitive Anatomy are extremely dangerous to those who follow them—like the suggestion to detoxify by adding chlorine to your bath!).


Some of you have asked if you have harmed others by doing ThetaHealing on them. No, we have not found any entity attachment on those who have simply received ThetaHealing. As we all know, recipients of ThetaHealing have received many, many benefits from belief and feeling changes, so don’t feel bad from having worked on others. The problem is only that “Creator” extracts an energetic price for these healings, but it is only from you, the practitioner, not from the client. What we’ve seen is that the more you do ThetaHealing, the stronger the entity attachment is in both ThetaHealing practitioners and teachers. And because Vianna and “Creator” foster a sort of cult mentality in those who train in ThetaHealing, it is difficult for many to recognize this. This has been obvious too from emails I have received from ThetaHealers who totally misunderstand why I am making everyone aware of all this.


Let me repeat for those of you who are not practitioners and have only received ThetaHealing treatments: You retain whatever benefits you have received from your ThetaHealing treatments and have received no harm. My original email was intended to go out only to practitioners and teachers, and I accidentally sent it to all my clients as well. I regret the upset this has caused them. I was planning another gentler email for clients informing those who didn’t already know that I was no longer doing ThetaHealing and encouraging them to try other kinds of healing, whether from me or from someone else.


Let me state once again that I do NOT enjoy all the drama this has created. Everything I do is motivated by the sincere desire to help and uplift every being I encounter. I am very sorry that I have had to created drama by blowing the cover of ThetaHealing, but there was no other way to get the truth out. I hope that we can all pick up the pieces from here and move into healing that is safe, whether it be my Lifonics or whatever else nurtures, uplifts, and truly empowers people to step into their maximal being, awareness, and freedom.

Again, there is no need for any of you to become fearful over these revelations! Everything that happens in life does for a reason and is, in fact, a positive potential for a higher outcome. So please stay in the reality of using whatever information I’ve provided as the opportunity to grow to your next highest level of true power and freedom. And we all can send love and healing to Vianna, her family, and to everyone who has been harmed in any way by ThetaHealing.


Some of you have asked about the Healer Database. Again, for any of you who have signed up and would like to be removed, please send your name to tetsu@visualscope.comFor those of you who wish to stay, you are most welcome, but know that I feel that the right thing to do is to remove ThetaHealing as a modality from the list, which I have now done, but there are many other modalities you can list yourself under, and I have added two new categories: Energy Healing and Life Coaching/ Consciousness Shifting to accommodate whatever healing work you may choose to do or may already be doing post-ThetaHealing. Just login to your account and add these modalities if they describe the healing work you are doing.


Some of you have commented that you have been financially abundant even while doing or apparently because you were doing ThetaHealing. I too manifested financial abundance through ThetaHealing, making as much as $10,000 per month from all of my many classes and private sessions (which I was doing full-time, and which I was glad to give up to start my new work, Lifonics, since it is the quality of the work and not money that is most important).


So I am NOT denying that you CAN get this and other abundance while enslaved to Creator—Vianna certainly has manifested financial abundance, just as Creator promised her in exchange for her energetically enslaving others to it. The question I posed in my email around abundance was really more, Why—if ThetaHealing delivers all that it promises—is not EVERYONE super abundant after taking the Manifesting and Abundance course and clearing/installing the 100 beliefs presented there (and other relevant beliefs)? Why are so many ThetaHealers, despite huge amounts of sincere belief and feeling work on themselves, still not financially abundant? Why are many worse off than they were before they started ThetaHealing? The answer to this is complex and would take me too long to lay out here, but the fundamental point is simply that the Manifesting & Abundance course does not work the way Vianna claims it does.


Many of you ask how you can remove the Creator entity. As I said in my email, it was removed from me by my husband Dean (a world-famous naturopath) doing Power Radionics on me (he did QXCI on me too, but the essential part was the Power Radionics). This is an amazing computer program designed by Karl Welz, and it is very effective, especially when used by a highly intuitive person like my husband.


After he did the programming analysis to locate exactly what was going on and what needed to be removed, removed it, and checked back many times to see if it was gone, I did a process of my own on myself to repair any auric tears in my field, to seal my energy, and to put myself in an energy state so as not to take on such an energy again. My highly psychic niece Vanessa then looked outside of my energy field, where Creator entities were still hovering (being unable now to penetrate my field), and she sent them to the light.


As I said, I feel responsible for those who have trained with me, so I have persuaded Dean and Vanessa to help without charge for those people. However, if you have not taken ThetaHealing training from me, Dean and Vanessa do need to charge you for their services, though I will not charge for my services in helping you. We determined that for the two of them, the fair fee was $190 total. This includes all 3 of us working on you and my sending you a report afterwards of what we found and what we did. We will not only clear the “Creator” entity but any entity we find in your field. You can charge the $190 at my husband’s 1 Shopping Cart at or contact me at 425-501-2398 to give us a credit card number over the phone. Here is the what you need to do:


Go to


then select


NCR Treatment / Training Payment Unit  and click on the button $10 Payment


When you get to the next page, fill in the units box with 19 units for a total of $190 and then Checkout.  Please let us know when you have made the payment so that we can start working on you, and send a jpeg or gif photo of you alone if you want to take advantage of this service.


IF YOU HAVE SOME OTHER WAY TO CLEAR YOURSELF, PLEASE DO SO. I am not trying to persuade you to spend money getting clearing with us! We already have more than enough people to clear just among all the many ThetaHealing students I have trained! But if you feel called to clear with us, you are, of course, welcome to do so. And if you want your home and business cleared too (Vanessa has seen “Creator” attachments to those as well, which may be limiting the abundance of those no longer doing ThetaHealing), then you can do this with her after the personal clearing at an additional fee. Her phone number is (206) 375-4445.


Please note the excerpt below from Simon Rose’s excellent blog that will give you ideas on how to clear “Creator” on your own:


“What can I do?


Trisha made the excellent point that you cannot clear the attachment to the Creator god-entity using Theta healing since Creator IS Theta Healing.   From the narrow perspective of Theta healing, Creator is "ALL THAT IS", (go back to the first diagram above). You have to get outside of Theta Healing to see that Creator is just another god/entity (i.e. get to the second diagram - outside the circle).


Trisha was cleared of this entity using her husband's Radionics machine. He also kindly did this service for my wife and I and we felt an amazing physical and spiritual shift - it was huge (thanks again, Dean).  If you feel called to do it that way, contact someone with that machine.  But don't worry, you can do it on yourself.


Evette and I have been teaching a different form of connection - or several different ones that get outside of the circle.  One of our techniques is to expand and connect your energy with another person "heart to heart" to connect with the space where your energy merges with theirs. This gets you into the Oneness space.


Another technique based on Soleria Green's work that my friend Nancy taught me is to remember that YOU ARE THE CREATOR.  Expand out till you are bigger than the universe. Hold the entire universe in the palm of your hand so that you really understand that you are the CREATOR of your reality. Then have the intention to clear any attachments to any 5th plane gods or entities, especially the "creator of theta healing".  Watch those attachments shifts.


A number of our students have tried this and had instant physical shifts. Mainly they are getting back all the energy that has been drained from them by working with the false creator.”


By the way, my husband Dean is a world-famous naturopath who makes over $500 an hour for the amazing and revolutionary, essentially permanent physical medicine he does called NCR ( I talked him down to a very low fee for those of you who want the Power Radionics Clearing. He also agreed that if you want to get QXCI treatment (not necessary for the entity clearing but something that boosts your health in general, diagnosing and treating thousands of pathogens, etc. through a wide variety of energetic means) that he will do sessions for whoever wants them for $300 an hour (an hour is usually enough for an initial session). This includes both the session and snail mailing you a report. You can be on the phone with Dean during part of the session, though this is not required. Again, this is offered for those who have a true interest and need. Dean has plenty of other work to keep him busy and does not usually offer this service even to his own patients. If you are interested, please email Dean at


Some of you have asked, How do I protect myself after I’ve been cleared? Here are some tips for you:


Tips for Staying in a Balanced and Positive Place:


  • Install and feel a field of positive energy around you: nurturing love, vibrancy, protection, etc.
  • Remember that what you focus on you create, so withdraw your attention and energy from dwelling on “Creator” and anything else negative and place your thoughts and thus your feelings on uplifting, genuinely healing things.
  • Focus on and give gratitude to/for all the wonderful people and experiences in your life on an ongoing basis.
  • Remember that you are an important part of the universe with a unique and valuable contribution to make. Keep living and relating to others from the larger being you are.
  • Remember that there are no “problems” but only opportunities for ever-increasing transformation into the amazing being you truly are and can be. Relate to anything that feels like a problem from a place of positive empowerment: How does this show me what my next opportunity for growth is now? (More on this below)


Finally, some of you have asked: How can I work on myself and others in the future in a safe and effective way? There are many ways to do this, but below is a process I teach in Lifonics (modeled after work done in Evolutionary Technique) that has been working very well. Remember, you are a hologram of the universe: you contain all the wonder, majesty, and power of everything that exists.


You don’t need to contact anything outside yourself. (And no matter how much Vianna says that we are all part of the All, the fact is the basic process in ThetaHealing teaches you to go up or go out to the “7th plane” and connect with something else, as if “Creator” were something outside of yourself—which now, of course, we ironically know it is!) You need only to viscerally become and source from the greater you you really are but may not yet be explicitly living from at all times (we are all taught in society to be and live from our smaller beings):


Coaching and Healing Yourself and Others:


  • Feel/imagine your energy grounding into the earth and expanding outward as you intend/step into the massive mega being you truly are. Invite and guide the client to do the same.
  • Call all of yourself present, and invite the client to do the same.
  • Align with all others who resonate with the work you are doing, and have the client do the same.
  • Align with the biggest possible breakthrough happening right now for you, the client, all beings, and for consciousness itself. Ask the client to do the same.
  • Be the Totality of All Consciousness relating to the client as also the Totality of All Consciousness. Intend this and have the client intend it. You are both magnificent, amazing beings, and the more you relate to each other from this place, the more you bring that ever increasingly into 3D reality and the more powerfully you are able to transform any challenge in your life into its positive potential.
  • From viscerally being this huge mega being, intend movement (and have the client do the same) around whatever the client is bringing in to play with.
  • Let the client know that everything is energy, and all energy is simply potential rising. Any “problem” they have is actually a golden opportunity to go to the next level in their development. That is, the so-called problem is really an opportunity for transformation that is calling to them.
  • Tune into (and have the client tune into) what comes up when you dance with the client’s “problem”—which is really just potential rising—from this highest and widest possible perspective.
  • Tell the client and have the client report to you what positive opportunities, client gifts, and any other positive potentials are seen/felt when you tune into how the “problem” is an opportunity for growth.
  • Place that energy tangibly in front of the client—the positive possibilities you have both seen—and invite the client to step into that energy and to take it into every cell of their bodies. Watch how amazingly this transforms them!
  • This will by itself shift most traumas, beliefs, and feelings that need to shift, but you can still allow all traumas, upsets, and fears to fall away and download uplifting, expansive, and freeing beliefs and feelings into the client just by intending and witnessing it from the massive mega being you are, having them also witness it from the massive mega being they are.


I realize the above process may raise questions that are not answered here, but know that the Basic Lifonics manual is over 250 pages long, so even summarizing just this part of it here with much detail is not possible in the limited space we have. Feel free to explore and develop the above more on your own to perfect it. And if it sings to you, you may want to learn more about Lifonics. Also, you can receive future emails from me with many healings suggestions by going to and clicking on “Join our newsletter; click here” to sign up for my free newsletter, which will start going out about once a month the end of this month. This will contain no discussion about ThetaHealing but only positive tips for healing that you can put into practice right away.


What I aim for in this unfortunately unpleasant discussion about ThetaHealing is that we all use these revelations to go in a direction of healing that will be in the highest and best interest of all concerned. It is time to throw off the Creator mantle and to heal and coach from the highest, purest place where nothing is sucking our energy. At the same time, we must bless and help others who are still enslaved by the “Creator” of ThetaHealing and do all that we can to bring light and freedom to them.


Love and best wishes always,
Trisha Howell


I then got more positive responses, but also some negative ones. I would like to also post my response to one of these in case it clarifies anything that may still need to be clarified for you the reader.


Dear [name omitted],


It's sad to see that you have completely misunderstood both the facts and my intentions, and perhaps I should just wish you well and leave it at that, but you seem to be sincerely misinformed, so I will clarify some things for you. For example, the order of certain events can make a huge difference in what the causes and motivations are, and this is one place where you are understandably confused.


I compiled a number of distribution lists of ThetaHealers last year (that's when you were added) when I was still doing ThetaHealing. This was for the purpose of letting people know that they could have a free lifetime basic listing and a free 3-month extended listing on the Healer Database that was then in development. I emailed you and everyone else offering you listings just BEFORE everything shifted for me around ThetaHealing and before I found out all that I know now. Now, of course, I have eliminated ThetaHealing as a category on the Healer Database because my experience--and the experience of hundreds of other people I've spoken with--indicates how truly dangerous ThetaHealing can be.


Because I already had these lists in place, I also have used them to let ThetaHealers know about other things that may be of interest to them. And when I found out that Creator is sadly a dark entity, I felt that it would be cowardly and dishonest NOT to share this with other ThetaHealers because it affects them so directly. I regret that it has caused so much drama, but I believe that truth is extremely important and crucial, in fact, to give people the power of informed choice so that they can be as healthy and as free as possible.


Though Creator's sucking of ThetaHealers energy is a serious matter, the appropriate response is not to move into fear, as some did, but to take action to free oneself. There are many ways to remove such an entity, and I have encouraged people to find their own way and, if they cannot, I will even donate my time to help them, though it is understandable that my niece and husband felt that doing their part at a vastly reduced price from their normal fees was sufficient enough.


As I have mentioned numerous times, although Creator should not be used and there are many factual mistakes in Vianna's manuals that should be corrected, ThetaHealing still contains valuable things, the principal one being belief and feeling work (which existed even in this form long before ThetaHealing came along). ThetaHealers can safely continue to do this as long as they don't use some reified entity like Creator. And actually in my last email, I gave people FREE a very powerful fundamental process in Lifonics that they can work with on their own to do their healings and coachings as well as other suggestions to keep them safer on an ongoing basis. After the first email, some people said that I wasn't giving them solutions, so that's why I offered some in the second email, which I sent out only to those who had replied to the first email.


You confusions about my motives and intentions toward Vianna are also an example of misunderstanding the timing of events. Vianna's threats to sue me started way before I found out the truth about Creator. I proposed some courses to her which I mistakenly thought at the time could become a part of ThetaHealing, and without any interest in what the actual content of these courses were, Vianna and Guy's kneejerk reaction was to threaten to sue me unless I destroyed my courses, removed them from my website, and apologized to Vianna for supposedly "disrespecting" her. You can read our whole correspondence, if you wish, by clicking on "ThetaHealing and Freedom" on the front page of


You will see that it reveals an incredible maliciousness in both Guy and Vianna that was very sad for me to see. They never would say specifically how I was violating their trademark (which, by the way, they don't have a trademark on ThetaHealing) or their copyright (which extends only to their manuals' wordings as every process in ThetaHealing has been taken from others' work without crediting the source), but when they kept threatening to sue me, I engaged an attorney. It was then that I found out some of the dirty linen Guy and Vianna would like to keep hidden, some of which you can read about in our exchange. One of the most significant things I discovered is that ThetaHealing is based on a lie--the lie that Vianna used it to instantly cure herself of cancer, whereas I know from reliable sources that no such instant cure took place.


However, that is Guy and Vianna's karma, and when it was clear that they could not be reasoned with, I simply gave up and continued going in my own direction. In fact, as unpleasant as it was, the whole exchange we had was actually for the highest and best for me because it spurred me to dig deeper into and get clearer about the work I was developing, which is very different from ThetaHealing indeed. But as far as I was concerned, people would be fine continuing doing ThetaHealing or trying out a more powerful technique like Lifonics.


It was only after my husband, my niece, and others made it absolutely clear that what I (and many others) were experiencing were psychic attacks from Creator--facilitated at least initially by Vianna--that I knew I had to speak out about this. I actually refused to believe it at first, despite the earlier things I had learned about Guy and Vianna, because I didn't believe that any ThetaHealer would actually ever intentionally harm another. But as I became more and more aware of Vianna's motives--her bargain with Creator, her guru complex, her lust for fame and power--as well as the concrete evidence before my eyes and in my body--I had to admit that I had been wrong in thinking that all ThetaHealers always have benign intentions.


Whether people ever look at Lifonics or not is of no concern to me when I am speaking out the truth about ThetaHealing. Guy and Vianna have terrorized, lied to, and cheated numerous ThetaHealers--if you could have read the hundreds of emails I got from people, you would be horrified. That's when I knew even more certainly that I had done the right thing speaking out. There will soon be a class action lawsuit filed against the Stibals by numerous people whom they have harassed and cheated. No, I am not taking part in it; I do not believe in settling differences with the legal system; I think that is operating in a much lower paradigm from where we want to be living.


I do wish the Stibals well and that they may come to a greater understanding of the harm that they have been inflicting on others and will stop it, both in their own direct actions and in their use of Creator.


You see, another big lie in ThetaHealing is that Creator is God. We all accepted that notion with cult-like enthusiasm, never dreaming that the truth could be otherwise. Now that it has been revealed, there were signs, as I and many others have now detailed, but we didn't know at the time we trained nor during our practice on others that we were actually aligned with a "fifth plane" entity that sucked our energy--an entity much smaller than God and certainly much smaller than All That Is. But now we have checked literally hundreds of ThetaHealers, who all have a Creator entity attachment in various degrees, and who all feel better when that is removed. When they are no longer drinking the Kool-Aid of ThetaHealing, then they can truly commune with the All.


By the way, one word people who know me would never use to describe me is greedy. I am generous and giving to a fault and have never had any interest in money except as a neutral means of exchange that is used on this physical plane. It has no true importance. People who actually know me would also never describe me as hateful, angry, or resentful. I am very even-tempered and live in a place of love, joy, and standing for the highest potential and biggest breakthroughs for all of humanity and of life. Fortunately, because I have freed myself from ego and don't take anything personally, I rarely ever get angry and never resentful. However, when I can see that someone like Vianna is abusing others, I believe in standing up for what is right and is in the highest and best interest of all concerned, even if that does ruffle a few feathers.


I hope that you have a better understanding now. I wish you the highest and best in everything. And may you tap into your own massive mega being to more fully step into the magnificent, free, and self-determining being you truly are--one who doesn't need Creator, God, or anyone else to save you.


In love and peace,



Today I read your e-mail that you sent out about what Vianna doesn't want us to know and all that. I looked into it and read the correspondence between you and the ThetaHealing-office. Then I checked out your new classes and immediately knew that this was the answer from God. This was a part of what was missing in ThetaHealing in its current form. At the same time I sensed an intense fear within me and recognised this immediately as "Creator". Of course the false one that I had connected with through the ThetaHealing-courses. I feel this connection only to be half-true, meaning that I really feel that I have been able to find the real Creator (or Life, as I like to call it), but not through "planes of existence"-meditation. Rather I've found the God that I am within myself. I've come to realise that all the answers are within. When I discovered this, I stopped going out of my own space and into another’s when doing the readings, because it didn't make any sense anymore.


I've had so many revelations and received a new understanding of all that is, but at the same time I've gotten more and more ill. Before I began practicing ThetaHealing I was never sick! Of course I've wondered how it can be that I've been so ill the last couple of years after clearing so many beliefs and working so hard. And when I read your e-mail it struck me. There's been an ongoing conflict within me with everything that I just know about the Life-force on one side, and "Creator" on the other. Couple of weeks ago this caused me the worst headache I've ever experienced that lasted for four days before starting to fade, and now I'm just recovering from the flu.


After reading your e-mail I started looking at the "Creator" and realised that by shining my own light its connection will fade away, leaving only the real light left. Life and silence. I would love to discuss this matter with you, and maybe when the time is right, to take one of your courses. As I said - I immediately knew your courses to be the missing pieces that I had asked for. And if you find time to do it, maybe help me see if I've managed to free myself completely from the ThetaHealing chord?


I just needed to share all this with someone, and right now that is you. Tell me what you think. And continue doing what you're doing!

Thank you for all that you are :)


Light and love!



I have excess weight that has not been addressed, although I've worked on it countless times with ThetaHealing, and this weight is primarily water weight.  When I look at my pictures I feel I look sick.  I have attached a photo of a before ThetaHealing in this email so you can see the difference.  I clearly look like I’m sick in some way. 


I have not only the back issues but I don’t recover from working out for days, and I used to before ThetaHealing work out 6 days a week with ease.  Now I have one riding lesson and I’m in so much pain I can barely think of wanting to continue doing it. 


I know these issues are all related.  I’m only 32. I know how I should feel physically, and I know what I believe about youth and my own vitality, and yet my body doesn’t match up. 


I have suffered immeasurably since first learning this technique, and I feel it’s because of ThetaHealing itself.  Thank you again so much for this discovery, I now feel validated for what I have thought all along, and it’s like the light bulb went on about so many things.


Love, Anonymous 


It appears to be very cult-like - almost brainwashing!  To me, Vianna's ThetaHealing seems primarily about making as much money as possible for the Stibals’ bank accounts - hence the constant refresher courses and updates that cost thousands to attend, but are necessary for teacher certificates to remain valid and for practitioners to feel they're not lagging behind in some way.   However, unlike the Stibals, I can certainly confirm personal knowledge of a number of ThetaHealers that have abundance blockages. 


As far as 'creator' is concerned, I've never been comfortable with the 7 planes.  Thank goodness I followed my intuition, which will NEVER let us down, and always connected to my God within.  We are all very precious parts of 'the whole' - why would we want to disconnect from that and how could this path be true to our intended integrity and love when healing?  


Love, Anonymous


I have never met Vianna. I have never met Guy. I have met the “creator”. And I don’t like it. No belief needs changing there. I have cleansed more houses/souls of evil than most of you even know exist. I don’t need to change any belief about evil, Steve, (I have the “creator” PUD on it that you downloaded into me), and I have the original knowledge of what it is, having seen and banished it from many places and people. My mistake was in not listening to my initial response to both Vianna’s picture and the pain in my chest. My mistake was not listening to my gifted child who asked me in a terrified voice completely out of the blue before all this “entity” stuff, “Mom, what is that black fuzzy thing squeezing your chest?” My mistake was also in buying that “you will need more minerals” crap! What? Why on Earth would anyone doing God/Goddess work and having healing energy/unconditional love flow through them need extra minerals unless something other than God/Goddess was sucking those minerals out! Get real, people! All that healing energy and unconditional love should help the healer too, not suck minerals out of their bodies! Does a Reiki practitioner need extra minerals?

Steve, you also said “Let's clear our limiting beliefs around authority and authority figures.” Why on Earth would we need to do that unless we considered (as do you) Vianna and Guy authority figures. That leads me to ask, why on Earth would anyone consider them authority figures? They are, after all, simply two people who’ve written a few books and taught a few classes. This in no way makes them authority figures, unless you let it. Most of you have let it.

Now back to the beginnings. Yes, I love myself. Yes, I have cleared more beliefs than thought possible and I owe theta healing a great deal of gratitude. The next statement, if it hasn’t already begun, will have the lot of you at my psychic and physical throat, but so be it.

Every theta healer I have spoken with has not suggested payments, they want their money up front.

Trisha is the ONLY one that actually suggested payments when I was worrying about money. Then she forgot what I owed her. Didn’t keep track.

Trisha used her machine thingy (again, technical term) free of charge and my chest pain completely disappeared after over a year. My child told me she was glad the “black fuzzy thing” was not squeezing my chest anymore. She still knows nothing of any of this. I went to a heart doctor before Trisha’s machine thingy. I went to a lung specialist. I went to a musculoskeletal specialist. I had two mammograms. No one could find anything wrong with me.

Sorry folks, but I gotta go with what I know. The pain is gone. No one in the allopathic world could fix it or find a reason for it half a year before the whole “entity schmentity“ stuff came. It must only be a coincidence that that pain began exactly when I began considering taking a class from Trisha. Wonder where it came from? Hmmmmmmm.

I love Trisha completely with unconditional love, and she is not an authority figure to me. I love Steve with unconditional love, and he is not an authority figure to me. I love Vianna and Guy with unconditional love, and they are not authority figures to me.

Unconditional love happens without accusations, without “creator” or money up front or payments. Unconditional love happens without mineral sucking. Unconditional love happens without authority figures. Unconditional love happens when you allow it to happen. Unconditional love is.

With Unconditional Love and Logic,


[NOTE: Simon wrote this email in response to a woman who questioned the mysterious and sudden death of another woman who was deeply involved in ThetaHealing, had a falling out with Vianna, and shortly thereafter died]

Hi Nishu,


Trisha forwarded your email to me because I was the source of some of the information in her email.


I am truly sorry for any hurt caused to Anita's family or friends, you included - regardless of whether the statements were untrue.


I knew Anita very well (she was my teacher and healer), and I was also very close friends with Vianna and Terry O'Connell at the time of the Anita's split from Theta.  I was in Idaho at or around that time in 2005.  I therefore heard three sides to the story (Terry was in Vianna's room at the time).  I understand why Anita was so deeply hurt after what she invested in Vianna and her work.  In fact it's probably exactly how I feel today after spending 24/7 for 5 years promoting Theta and building Theta in this country, only to realise I was promoting a pack of lies.


Whether Anita died of pneumonia or something else is relevant to the family (suicide has always had a stigma to it, though I regard this as a Catholic hangover).  As a lawyer I'm also very well aware of the pressure placed on doctors and coroners to write down any cause of death other than suicide, but this is off-topic. Spiritually I believe we don't die till our soul is ready, whether it's legally self induced or legally accidental like pneumonia, I make no spiritual judgment or distinction. Neale Donald Waslch's book "Home With God in a Life That Never Ends" was very influential to me in relation to death / suicide etc, and is well worth a read.


Anita was talented and deserved to be able to share her many gifts with the world.  She should not have died.   That's really our point. She shouldn't have died of pneumonia, or suicide or anything else.   If Trisha or I caused any hurt then I'm sorry.  We were perhaps consumed by a bigger picture, which is sheer shock and horror at what's going on in Theta-land.


Please re-read Trisha's email with "suicide" replaced with "pneumonia". Nothing else changes.  Trisha's point is that those involved with Theta (including - indeed especially - those falling out with Vianna) are dying at an alarming rate.  Others to recently die include my friend Ailsa, who was one of my first ever healers and was the promoter of the course that brought Anita to Melbourne where I first learned Theta.  Therefore my first 2 Theta contacts are dead and the third (Kathy) has dropped off the face of the earth since her falling out with Vianna.  Many more are regularly in hospital (Marcia, Colleen, Vianna herself and others whose privacy I'll respect).  And then I ended up back in hospital last year.   This is our cause of concern.  If we are clearing our stuff, this shit (pneumonia / cancer / heart diseases etc) should not be happening to us.  This was the point Trisha was making.


Thank Source that we now know what's going on and can clear it. All our physical symptoms have disappeared and we can grow spiritually without the physical challenges.


If there's anything else I can add to explain or apologise for any hurt caused, please let me know.


You have my express permission to forward this explanation and apology to anyone you feel may have been offended by Trisha's email and the information I provided to Trisha.


Warmest wishes

Simon Rose

*EX* Theta Healing teacher