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Dear Reader,

For years I thought that ThetaHealing was a safe and beneficial modality, and I engaged in it nearly full-time as a practitioner and instructor. Now (2009) I am sorry to say that I have learned that it can be dangerous and ineffective in a number of ways. If you wish to do some of the processes taught in ThetaHealing, at least do them without calling on Creator, which has turned out NOT to be God nor the All, as we had been taught it is, but rather an entity that sucks energy from the practitioner who calls on it and works sometimes in other harmful ways.

Below are some postings from ThetaHealers who have discovered this too and have had some wild experiences in the process. Because Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing, sends threatening letters and even files lawsuits against those who speak out against ThetaHealing, some below have chosen to have their contributions posted anonymously.

Please read the below only if you want to know the dark side of the truth about ThetaHealing. I am sorry to say that it is not always pleasant. You may need to know this information to make an informed choice about whether to risk engaging in ThetaHealing. However, it is better—once you know why you should be cautious—to focus your attention instead on truly safe and uplifting forms of healing so that you bring this higher energy into your life.

There is much you can access on the internet claiming that ThetaHealing is wonderful, so here we focus on presenting the other side so that you may be able to consider both.

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Trisha Howell

ThetaHealing Is Dangerous


Vianna doesn’t want me to tell you the following, but I believe in doing the right thing regardless of any opposition. She and Guy have already started the process of suing me for defamation, but as you probably know, the Truth is always a perfect defense, and I really want you to know the Truth.




I am a young ThetaHealer who started out late in 2007. My life changed radically after that, and when I look at my old life now, it is as if it is the life of a completely different person. So I've had a magic transformation from bad to great in a very short time, and I am forever grateful for all that I've given myself. Last year I remember thinking that "ThetaHealing is missing something essential - something is missing!" I felt that the world had misunderstood something, that there is something that we've overlooked or misinterpreted. A strange feeling that something is not right. You know what I mean? It is like knowing that I don’t know what I know. As they said in The Matrix movie: "like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad." I didn't think more about it then, and continued practicing ThetaHealing as normal. Although with my own style added to it. I gave up the "planes of existence"-meditation a long time ago. It just didn't feel right. To me it was completely unnecessary and so to speak worthless.




I think the Creator connection is what has been keeping my back pain from healing and me from moving forward.  My health has been shit from day one of learning ThetaHealing, and it also propelled me into a 5 year “initiation” resulting in suicidal depression regularly. 




When I was being taught ThetaHealing/DNA Reprogramming there were a few things that just didn't sit right.  Something missing, something imbalanced, and these feelings continued during subsequent healings, which of course had a knock-on effect on the client when I used ThetaHealing alone.  The teachings that disturbed me the most were those that forced the issue of it being the ThetaHealing way or no way at all.  Hello!!  That's the biggest belief system of all to be downloaded!




This is an excerpt from an email a student of mine sent to a fellow ThetaHealer, Steve. This student asked to be included here under her initials as she is concerned that Vianna may seek to psychically attack her. Below she gives her experiences with Creator and also with me.




My issues with Theta Healing are:


  • It has become a religion or indeed a cult.  People follow the guru (Vianna) and are discouraged from looking outside.
  • There is a high incidence of plagiarism. Most of Vianna's new ideas in the last few years have come from other teachers. What's worse is that Vianna's accuses others of plagiarising the stuff she's plagiarised!
  • There is a massive issue of ego / separation. Theta teachers are not a team, they compete. They are threatened by each other.  They will complain about each other to Guy at the drop of a hat if it will help them (usually financially). Hence there have been movements to have me delisted as a theta teacher in the past but only by people that would be financially better off due to perceived competition.
  • My issue with Creator is that people are taught to go "up" and seek God, i.e. go "out," due to Vianna's fear of the whole ego thing, they are not being taught to embrace themselves as Creators.
  • Lastly and most importantly, it doesn't work nearly as well as Vianna claims.  Very few of Vianna's clients really get better - some do, but really it's fairly pathetic.  There are some great testimonials but very very few actual proven healings. 
  • The problem seems to be that belief work isn't getting to the bottom of it, most probably because it doesn't deal with trauma.
  • A reputable scientific study concluded Theta Healing was NOT a safe approach.  My belief is that this is because belief work does not clear trauma, but this hasn't been specifically scientifically tested.  What was tested was that it could cause cell damage/ trauma.



Simon Rose


[NOTE: Simon wrote this email in response to a woman who questioned the mysterious and sudden death of another woman who was deeply involved in ThetaHealing, had a falling out with Vianna, and shortly thereafter died]


Hi Nishu,


Trisha forwarded your email to me because I was the source of some of the information in her email.


I am truly sorry for any hurt caused to Anita's family or friends, you included - regardless of whether the statements were untrue.


I knew Anita very well (she was my teacher and healer), and I was also very close friends with Vianna and Terry O'Connell at the time of the Anita's split from Theta.  I was in Idaho at or around that time in 2005.  I therefore heard three sides to the story (Terry was in Vianna's room at the time).  I understand why Anita was so deeply hurt after what she invested in Vianna and her work.  In fact it's probably exactly how I feel today after spending 24/7 for 5 years promoting Theta and building Theta in this country, only to realise I was promoting a pack of lies.