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This is an informational website site that exposes the dangers of ThetaHealing while giving basic information about the doctrines and other principles of this insidious cult. Start with the questions below then go to the site orientation, including the links that give you more in-depth information.


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ThetaHealing is a subtle cult founded in the late 1990’s in Idaho Falls, Idaho by a charismatic guru-like woman, Vianna Stibal. Vianna—with the help of her husband Guy Stibal, a dark shaman—befriended an entity called Creator. Vianna has a special relationship with Creator, a being she claims is God but which has been experienced by hundreds of former ThetaHealers as a dark entity that subtly takes some of practitioners’ energy in exchange for “healings.” ThetaHealing is both dangerous to practitioners and largely ineffective for recipients (though it can accomplish some with the Placebo effect).


Vianna and Guy use Creator not only for their own personal gain but also to keep practitioners in line. In addition, the foundation of ThetaHealing is riddled with the plagiarisms (most of the texts and all the ideas come from uncredited sources) and lies. One of the cornerstones of ThetaHealing is that Vianna miraculously recovered from life-threatening cancer by the ThetaHealing techniques she “invented.” Not only has her own story about the circumstances about this recovery reveal irresolvable discrepancies, but most recent documentation suggests that Vianna never had cancer in the first place.





A cult is, among other things, “a group that devotes itself to or venerates a person, ideal, fad, etc.,” as well as an organization that, like ThetaHealing, uses mind control. Those who study ThetaHealing are explicitly implanted with hundreds of energy “downloads” that make them revere, trust, and obey Creator. During my own involvement with ThetaHealing, I began to notice how this warped both my own and others’ thinking. Part of our free will had been replaced with devotion and obedience to Creator.


Founder Vianna Stibal is venerated by devoted adherents. She brings in ongoing revelations from Creator and tolerates no questioning, suggestions, or dissension from her followers. ThetaHealing teachers who do question or stray outside the narrow path are ordered to beg forgiveness or are threatened with “excommunication” (their teaching licenses revoked) and lawsuits.


In fact, several ThetaHealers close to Vianna have ended up unexpectedly dead within a short time after have a falling out with her. I myself came down with severe metastatic breast cancer overnight after speaking the truth about the dark side of ThetaHealing. I am the only one I know of who is still alive after Guy Stibal performed daily nearly a year of dark rituals against me. My illness—which all my doctors say is the most aggressive breast cancer they’ve ever seen—is getting better after we finally changed my “spiritual address” so that Guy could no longer blow black smoke into my chest. This was after months in which Vianna and Guy kept re-hooking me to Creator so as to harm me. I was susceptible to this because I had completely opened myself to Creator as result as my ThetaHealing training.


Vianna is generally revered by hard-core ThetaHealers, despite numerous legal and financial scandals. Like in many other cults, devotees see only what Vianna presents to them and discount everything else as being by definition not true. For example, a ThetaHealing teacher, a good friend of mine, was incensed with me when I began questioning ThetaHealing. She believed that Vianna and the ThetaHealing doctrines could never be wrong because Vianna is the founder of ThetaHealing and Creator would always guide her and all that she teaches rightly. Anyone who, like me, thought otherwise must be by definition wrong.


This became particularly ridiculous when my friend and I took a close look at the ThetaHealing course, Intuitive Anatomy (a course which has pages of charts, etc. plagiarized from medical/health texts). This text is riddled with clear anatomical mistakes—for example, Vianna does not know the difference between prostrate (lying face down) and prostate (the male sexual organ), the difference between cataracts and astigmatisms, etc. Besides the plethora of wrong or worthless health advice, Vianna actually makes some life-threatening suggestions, such as that you should add chlorine bleach in a bath to help you detoxify. Despite how outrageous these and other mistakes were, my friend (who is otherwise quite intelligent) at first said that Vianna had to be right about everything because she got all the material from Creator. Finally, my friend reluctantly admitted that Vianna could make mistakes—it must be because for some reason Vianna didn’t consult Creator before writing some of the text.


You would think that this discrepancy would have made my friend more discerning in general about ThetaHealing and Vianna, but this is not what happened. Later I told her that numerous psychics who didn’t know either me or anything about ThetaHealing told me that a “healer” couple in Idaho were trying to kill me via an entity attachment (Creator). Given the number of psychics, the fact that none of them knew one another nor my situation before they did the reading, and the fact that they were all very adamant, I was not able to find any other reasonable explanation except that they were giving an accurate reading. However my friend—remember, in other situations she was very intelligent, reasonable, and discerning—said that it must be that I/they could be right only in a parallel universe; Vianna would never do anything to harm me or anyone else in this universe. When I pointed out the flaws with this explanation, my friend said that she could no longer have any contact with me because I was rudely challenging her beliefs. She therefore cut off all contact from me, and our otherwise nice friendship was lost. I relate this story in detail in order to show you the way ThetaHealing—like all cults—can warp its followers’ reason.


Many hard-core ThetaHealers—especially teachers, who have a lot to lose (financially and personally) if ThetaHealing is not the panacea they believe it to be and, in fact, is ineffective and even harmful—reacted with hostility when I began to discover that ThetaHealing was not what it appeared to be. I received unbelievably malicious emails, some of them even containing curses, from these people who otherwise professed unconditional love, which is supposed to be a cornerstone of ThetaHealing. Apparently their devotion to Vianna and ThetaHealing as an idea was stronger than their reason and devotion to basic human virtues. I do not fault them; I think that they acted in the way they believed was right given their brainwashing and that otherwise are good people.





As the critics of ThetaHealing have become more public, Vianna has tried to silence them through informal threats and legal means. She has sued and in the process of suing several former ThetaHealers. In my case, she filed suit against me May 2009 for federal trademark violations (more about this below). But when I spoke with her lawyer, he admitted that could make the whole suit go away if I gave Vianna this website. He said that she wished to seize this website address—by force if necessary—remove my content, and place her own content because this site was the number 2 in Google for ThetaHealing at that time. However, I would not allow her silence me, the others who post here, and our right to free speech because you deserve to know the truth. That way you can protect yourself from being injured by ThetaHealing. I wish I had had this resource when I naively went into ThetaHealing!


If you do an online search of Idaho state and federal court records, you will find that Vianna and Guy Stibal have been involved in an astounding number of lawsuits, as has Vianna’s son Josh, who was supposedly a master ThetaHealing teacher. My favorite is the one when Vianna sued her husband Guy as a result of a car accident, alleging that she had sustaining injuries from his driving from which she would never recover. This is from a healer who supposedly had instantly cured her cancer. When someone asked Vianna about this, she said that she didn’t mean what she said (in other words, she lied on a court document) but filed the suit against Guy so that the insurance company would give her more money (the word “fraud” comes to mind).


My other favorite is Vianna and Guy’s involvement in a scheme to bilk trusting ThetaHealers of money. They founded a cooperation called Stibal investments. Vianna then signed over her half to Josh, and they changed the name to Spectra Vision Homes. Josh, Vianna’s son, told ThetaHealers and others that he had a patent on a water device that would earn him millions (what I heard was that he got a copy of the patent, erased the true patent holder’s name, inserted his own, and then showed the document to potential investors). Also, he was going to establish a golf course with some of the proceeds, a golf course that supposedly Tiger Woods was going to be involved with. Josh formed a company with Guy, and Vianna endorsed the scheme with interested ThetaHealers, who then invested. This resulted in people being swindled of at least hundred thousand dollars. The key is that this fraud was perpetuated with Vianna’s full knowledge and complicity (blessing even).


But I digress because these last two examples are not about silence critics, though the latter is related. When one former ThetaHealer sued Josh and got a judgment against him (which he made sure that she could not collect), Vianna retaliated by suing this woman for libel in an attempt to silence her. Instead, this brave woman counter-sued Vianna and has hereby, using legal discovery, unearthed even more unpleasant and shocking facts about Vianna and ThetaHealing.


Vianna is the subject of an upcoming class-suit on the behalf of former ThetaHealers (I have no involvement with this) that aims to expose her illegal operations (I think that her issuance of phony doctorates is one of the issues) and to recover financial and legal damages that ThetaHealing teachers have sustained.


The main way that Vianna has tried to silence critics recently has been by applying for federal trademarks for ThetaHealing and Theta Healing. She applied for these April 2009, in preparation for suing me for federal trademark violation in May 2009. Then she sued me on the basis of the federal trademarks that she did not yet have! (Vianna’s ongoing representations that she has trademarks for ThetaHealing is just one of numerous false or misleading statements that the ThetaHealing cult repeatedly makes.) Now she has been forced to drop her suit against me in Idaho because my doctor sent an affidavit to the judge that my health prevents me from undergoing trial in Idaho. Though Vianna had no choice about dropping the suit, she has been very public about her doing so, supposedly because of concern about my health. Actually, however, it’s in Vianna’s benefit that my suit is dropped because the Federal Trademark office froze Vianna’s progress in getting federal trademarks for ThetaHealing and Theta Healing pending the resolution of my suit. This was because I objected to the trademarks, as have at least other two other parties that I know of. (By the way, Vianna warned to me in a private letter that she had only temporarily dropped the suit—she said that she will wait a few months to sue again.)


Vianna has even attempt to suing ThetaHealing teachers in other countries, but so far as I know she has not been successful yet in prosecuting them.





I believe that every person is a good and valuable part of the Life Force that we all share. You can learn to concretely, viscerally see the magnificence—which some people call the God— in them and thus bring ever more that, the truest part of them, from potential to actuality. Though, as a crusader for truth (so that hopefully you will never have to experience the immense harm ThetaHealing has done on me and thousands of others), I must you tell you the plain truth about ThetaHealing and its founders, that does not affect how I personally treat Vianna and Guy. Although these days I rarely even think about them, from the beginning I have beamed love to them so that they may see and act from the magnificent mega beings that they truly are. I feel no ill will for them and hope that they may see the errors of their ways and revamp ThetaHealing so that it is no longer dangerous and ineffective.


I suggest that you see them in this light as well, wishing them well while not closing your eyes the dangers of ThetaHealing cult. It is paramount that you protect yourself from harm at the same time as you bless all those who are in the ThetaHealing cult. In fact, this blessing is not only for their benefit but also for yours. When you beam love, forgiveness, and all positive things to others, you yourself become happier, light, and free. This is one of the secrets to a joyful and fulfilled life.


Love and light to all of you,
Trisha Howell
August 2010

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